2022 Passwords & Authentication Consumer Trends Report

The 2022 Passwords & Authentication Consumer Trends Report highlights data from a random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 general population Americans commissioned by Prove and conducted by market research company OnePoll. The survey reveals that the average American is tired of using multiple passwords to manage online accounts and is increasingly intolerant of slow identity verification processes.

Download the full report for additional information and an infographic illustrating the following key stats:

  1. Respondents had an average of four “go-to” passwords -- with 31% saying these are just different variations of the same password. 
  2. 62% of U.S. consumers said they’d abandon trying to log into an account after just three failed password attempts, 51% would switch brands as a result of slow identity verification, and 34% would switch providers completely if they’re unable to log into their account easily. 
  3. In terms of password security, respondents said they felt they could hack their significant  other’s devices in just five attempts. 
  4. From a customer experience perspective, 64% of those polled said that authenticating their identity through their phone is more convenient than using a password.
  5. More than one in five (22%) have been the victim of identity fraud and another 36% know someone who has. 

Additional survey findings related to the importance of the digital customer experience include:

  1. 45% believe it should take less than 30 seconds to create a new online account.
  2. 69% of Americans feel that the speed and ease of the customer experience when signing up for new financial products such as a credit card, bank account, or cryptocurrency account is somewhat or very important.
  3. 44% said the ability to open or use an account from their mobile phone or device was an important factor when completing a new online account application.
  4. The most preferred way of authenticating identity in the Metaverse was through phone signals (38%) vs. passwords (30%), SMS text codes (13%), and biometric authentication (9%).

About Prove:

As the world moves to a mobile-first economy, businesses need to modernize how they acquire, engage with and enable consumers. Prove’s phone-centric identity tokenization and passive cryptographic authentication solutions reduce friction, enhance security and privacy across all digital channels, and accelerate revenues while reducing operating expenses and fraud losses. Over 1,000 enterprise customers use Prove’s platform to process 20 billion customer requests annually across industries, including banking, lending, healthcare, gaming, crypto, e-commerce, marketplaces, and payments. 

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