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The modern way of proving identity.

Help consumers transact more seamlessly while keeping fraud and costs in check with deterministic identity verification and authentication solutions.

Trusted by 1,000+ leading companies to reduce fraud and improve consumer experiences, Prove is the world’s most accurate identity verification and authentication platform.

Reduced consumer friction, enhanced verification, and lowered fraud rates

Go passwordless


Current solutions in the market heavily rely on passwords to authenticate customers, a costly and insecure method of authentication.


Prove Auth™, Prove’s unified authentication solution, minimizes customer friction for low and high risk transactions alike while keeping fraud at bay. Replace costly and easily compromised One Time Passwords (OTPs), go passwordless, or add a seamless second authentication factor. FIDO authentication enables compliance with GDPR, PSD2 SCA, and eIDAS.

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Protect customers from Authorized Push Payment (APP) Fraud graphic

Protect customers from Authorized Push Payment (APP) Fraud


Banks and businesses are facing enormous challenges in fighting APP Scam as this fraud happens when a person or business is tricked into sending money to a fraudster posing as a genuine payee with transactions being initiated by the consumers themselves.


Trust Score+™ with Scam Signal is a real-time measure of phone number reputation and behavioral risk and is able to determine if a phone line is in session at the moment of transaction, mitigating APP fraud and other consumer scams.

Streamline account access and password resets


Customers expect a frictionless digital experiences such account access and password resets. Companies need to balance customer experience with managing social engineering fraud.


Mobile Auth™ passively authenticates every mobile login and signup without the use of passcodes, OTPs, PINs, or friction-filled consumer journeys, allowing businesses to seamlessly onboard users faster and at a lower cost.

Confidently verify consumers’ identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed graphic image

Confidently verify consumers’ identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed.


Sim Swaps, Account Takeovers (ATO), and other forms of identity fraud have become rampant in the UK, leading to significant consumer and business losses


From onboarding to ongoing verification, Prove Identity® verifies PII such as Name, Phone Number, National Identifier, Address, Date of Birth, and more while also deploying real-time behavioring risk scoring without friction-filled processes like cumbersome doc scans for unparalleled identity verification experience and fraud mitigation.

“Prove and their Mobile Auth API allow ~60% of our mobile enrollments to benefit from near real-time, frictionless possession checks in accordance with PSD2-SCA regulation.”
Chris Parker
Fraud Analytics Product & Threat Lead @NatWest

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