Connect more effectively with hard-to-reach patients

Many payers and providers cite missing or outdated phone numbers and contact information as the top challenge when it comes to patient engagement, with some payers seeing up to 50% of phone numbers with missing or incorrect information.

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How to significantly improve the quality of your existing healthcare consumer contact information and discover additional phone numbers using Prove’s Fonebook™ technology.
How to assess the accuracy of your existing consumer contact information.
How Prove and Tabula Rasa were able to increase one health plan’s correct contact information to 87%, translating to an increased Comprehensive Medication Review Completion Rate of 20%. 

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Read the case study to understand:

  • How SIM swap works and how criminals social engineer your customers
  • How companies can protect themselves and their customers against SIM swap fraud using Trust Score, a real-time score that analyzes phone risk and identity confidence
  • How Trust Score can even improve your customer experience in addition to protecting against fraud