How to Drive More Revenue Using Modern Identity Technology

Every second and field counts when you're trying to get customers to apply for your services. At the same time, companies need to protect their "front door" against account opening fraud. How can companies use the latest identity verification and authentication technologies to not only mitigate common forms of identity fraud but also to improve the customer experience and drive more signups?

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Modern Identity Techniques Build a Faster and More Secure Application Experience

Recent case studies show that companies that use modern identity techniques to onboard new customers more quickly and securely saw hundreds of millions in additional annual revenue.

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  • How using modern identity techniques such as auto-filling identities with authenticated data can significantly decrease time and keystrokes, increasing signups
  • How presenting the option to auto-fill identity with authenticated data can actually cause fraudsters to self-select so that you can identify them more easily
  • How a leading company drove $200 million in additional annual revenue using modern identity techniques

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