Prove Auth

Fast, easy, and secure authentication

Leveraging a strong identity bind, Prove Auth enables passwordless and OTP-less authentication for mobile apps, web-based, and omni-channel experiences.

Prove Auth™ : Authentication Evolved

Strengthen and streamline your MFA

Transition away from passwords, One-Time Passcodes (OTPs), and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) to a more secure, consumer-friendly, and cost-efficient multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.

Reduce Reliance on OTPs and Remove Friction

MFA needs to evolve

  • Passwords and OTPs are vulnerable to social engineering and other fraud vectors

  • Friction negatively impacts consumer experience and revenue

  • Password Resets & OTPs cost firms millions annually

Enter Prove Auth

  • Reduce reliance on OTPs and passwords by enabling passwordless login or step-up auth

  • Authenticate any device anywhere via app push notification or biometrics

  • Reduce authentication costs by cutting out OTP and Password Reset charges

Go Passwordless

Prove Auth enables passwordless authentication with device intelligence for mobile apps and omni-channel experiences and protects from fraud and account takeovers — all while enhancing the consumer experience.

Passkeys for mobile web

Deploy Prove’s FIDO2 web-based authentication. Authenticate directly with Prove or utilize on-device biometrics for step-up measures.

Compared to passwords, passkeys increase the rate of successful authentications of legitimate users by up to 4x while enabling up to 2x faster authentication (source)

go passwordless graphic


Improve Consumer Experience

Increase the number of successfully authenticated legitimate users by up to 4x while enabling 2x faster authentication

Thwart Fraud

Prevent account takeovers with more secure authentication. Detect jailbroken devices and SIM Swaps

Reduce Cost

Unlimited-use pricing model enables cost reduction and deployment across use cases


Truly Passive

The most accurate consumer digital identities

On-Device Credentials

Create strong authentication bind between device and user

Cryptographic Keys

Enable silent, out-of-band authentication in any channel

Prove Auth™ leverages Prove's PRO Model™ of identity verification & authentication

Possession graphic
Holding Phone illustration
John is physically holding the phone

Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption, allowing Prove to authenticate Possession.

Reputation graphic
Cog Clock icon
The phone number has 10 years of real-time behavior

Phone numbers have Reputation, allowing Prove to assess risk
in real time.

Ownership graphic
Person check icon
The phone number is owned and operated by John

99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via Ownership.

“[Prove’s] solutions will significantly simplify the enrollment processes for millions of Zelle P2P users, while adding another layer of non-intrusive protection behind-the-scenes for Zelle. [Prove] brings together data from across the mobile ecosystem – networks, devices, users – to help us assess enrollment and transaction risk almost instantly. This helps us balance the requirements for speed and security in the faster payments space.”

Case Studies

Leading Neobank
Securing Consumer Verification

Leading Neobank sought to add a “silent” authenticator in their web and SDK user interactions (e.g account registration). Prove Auth helped fill the gap in their onboarding requirements and daily consumer transaction authentication services.

Pass Rate* increase
* Percent of registrations not needing human intervention
Of patients opted into Pre-Filling account creations

Leading Government Services
Securing Registration & Logins

Leading Government Services Firm searched for a way to improve consumer authentication for their state and federal government entities. Prove Auth advanced their standard SMS OTP process, streamlining authentication while providing added insights for each transaction.

Successful Authentications
Streamlined SMS OTPs
Gained Analytics

Global Credit Bureau
Streamlining Credit Checks

Leading Credit Bureau looked to optimize their consumer registration and credit check process for credit offerors prior to lending decisions. Prove Auth was implemented to augment their consumer authentication processes and ensure secure, timely decisioning.

Successful Authentications
Accelerated Credit Checks

National Furniture Retailer
Optimizing Account Creation

National Furniture Retailer needed to perform registration and initial credit check for consumers prior to generating contract terms for their furniture rental service. Prove Auth was implemented for initial account generation, securely binding consumers to improve onboarding experience, reduce cart abandonment, and improve transaction security.

Successful Authentications
Enhanced Onboarding
Reduced Cart Abandonment

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Passwordless Login for Web

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