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Supercharge Onboarding: 79% faster onboarding with pre-populated, verified information to stop fraud at the front door.

Secure Authentication: Fast, easy and secure authentication to streamline logins and transactions.

Simplify Servicing: Streamline customer servicing and engagement with real-time identity management.

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"Prove's solutions significantly simplify the enrollment processes for millions of Zelle P2P users while adding another layer of non-intrusive protection behind-the-scenes for Zelle. Prove brings together data from across the mobile ecosystem—networks, devices, users—to help us assess enrollment and transaction risk almost instantly. This helps us balance the requirements for speed and security in the faster payments space."
Eric Woodward
Former Group President of Risk Solutions  @Early Warning/Zelle
"At Binance.US, our goal is to democratize access to digital asset ownership and facilitate simple and safe participation in cryptocurrency markets for all Americans. We selected Prove to help us achieve this goal after a rigorous evaluation and proof-of-concept test demonstrating Prove’s pass rates and ability to deliver seamless customer experiences."
Brian Reisbeck
Chief Compliance Officer  @Binance.US
"We've integrated Prove Pre-Fill®, and it's a phenomenal solution that drives real results. It not only increases the completion rate and helps you increase sales, but it really does all the fraud work in the background, so it doesn't impact the customer experience, AND we saw a significant decrease in the fraud rate. We've had amazing results."
Mylene Pedone
SVP, Digital credit & authentication  @Synchrony

“Prove's Identity Manager technology can significantly enhance our ability to engage more members, leading to better outcomes.”

Farah Madhat, pharmd, MA
EVP  @Medwise healthcare division of TRHC

“We sent 40,000 [stale records] to Prove. We were able to get almost 90% of those matched up with accurate phone information.”

Kevin Boesen
Chief Sales Officer  @TRHC