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markeptplace risk prove
Company News
Marketplace Risk Proudly Names Prove as the Leader in Identity Authentication

Marketplace Risk, a leading authority in risk management for online platforms, has announced the recipients of its annual Solution Provider Excellence Program. This prestigious initiative spotlights industry leaders in risk, trust, and safety solutions, showcasing their expertise in addressing the challenges encountered by digital marketplaces, gig economy, and digital platforms. Among the winners is Prove.

May 15, 2024
frictionless digital customer experience
Company News
Prove Identity Saving Americans Nearly 30 Million Minutes Yearly through Frictionless Digital Customer Experiences

Global Leader in Identity Verification and Authentication Demonstrates Substantial Impact, Enabling Enterprise Customers to Generate $2 Billion in Revenue

April 30, 2024
Prove and AWS Marketplace
Company News
Prove Identity Launches Solutions in AWS Marketplace to Elevate Digital Customer Experiences

Prove’s solutions can help businesses make their online customer experiences faster, easier and more secure.

April 16, 2024
Prove and BetMGM
Company News
Prove and BetMGM Partner to Improve and Fortify Digital Identity in Online Gaming

Prove and BetMGM, the sports betting and iGaming leader, have entered into a partnership which will elevate the security standards and user experience for BetMGM customers through the Prove Pre-Fill® identity solution.

Kaushal Ls
April 9, 2024
Prove Identity Target Data
Company News
Prove Identity Partners with TargetData to Continue Expansion into Brazil

The partnership between the digital identity leader and the Brazilian big data company will benefit Brazilian companies and consumers by enabling faster, easier, and more secure digital transactions.

February 22, 2024
FIDO Alliance Board
Company News
Prove Identity Appointed to FIDO Alliance Board

Leader in Digital Identity Verification and Authentication Brings Expertise in Ensuring the Highest Standards for Authentication and Device Attestation

February 20, 2024
Deepfake fraud
Company News
Prove’s Fraud Experts Offer Solutions to Rising Deepfake Issues

In the article, Mary Ann Miller, Prove’s VP of Client Experience, and Tim Brown, Prove's Global Identity Officer, emphasized the critical importance of establishing and verifying the origin of media using cryptographic methods.

Kaushal Ls
February 16, 2024
FIDO & Passkeys
Company News
Prove’s Tim Brown Explains the Essential Role of FIDO and Passkeys in Mitigating Deepfake Fraud

The rise of deepfake attacks has caused alarm across various industries, particularly in biometrics, as criminals increasingly exploit AI technology to perpetrate fraud.

Kaushal Ls
February 9, 2024
InsideBIGDATA 2024 prediction
Company News
InsideBIGDATA Features Prove’s Tim Brown’s Fraud & AI Predictions for 2024

Tim Brown, Prove’s Global Identity Officer, was recently featured in InsideBIGDATA’s rundown of 2024 predictions for the big data market.

Kaushal Ls
January 18, 2024
Brazil Mobile Time
Company News
Prove's Innovative Digital Identity Solutions Spotlighted in Brazil’s Mobile Time

In a recent article on Mobile Time, a respected Brazilian publication, Prove was featured in a comprehensive article, highlighting the company's strategic approach and impact on Brazil's evolving digital identity landscape.

Andrea Rufino
January 10, 2024
Prevent Fraud in 2024
Company News
Prove’s Mary Ann Miller Outlines Plan to Prevent Fraud in 2024

Mary Ann Miller provides an easy-to-use blueprint for those wishing to prevent fraud in the new year on VMblog.

January 5, 2024
PYMNTS Prove Identity
Company News
PYMNTS: Prove Identity Selected by Versatile Credit to Enhance Fraud Screening and Customer Experience

Versatile Credit, a premier software provider connecting merchants, lenders, and consumers for point-of-sale loans, recently unveiled a new integration with Prove to enhance Versatile’s fraud screening process while also delivering a more streamlined customer onboarding experience.

Yuka Yoneda
January 4, 2024
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