Prove Verified Users℠

Ensure trust and safety

Advance safe, trusted user interactions by instantly validating identities using just a phone number, without sacrificing the user experience.

Let Us Prove It
Prove Pre-Fill
Optional KYC Checks

Drive growth by verifying users
with minimal inputs

Confidently validate identities with only a phone number. Leverage the Prove Identity Network for higher coverage and accuracy in identities to help safeguard the integrity of user interactions, empowering higher engagement and growth.

Strengthen trust and safety

Balance a seamless customer experience while maintaining trusted transactions. Embed frictionless identity checks at onboarding and ongoing events to fortify trust and safety.

Robust set of global screened lists


Verify identities with phone number only

Introduce seamless identity validation using only the phone number at onboarding and ongoing events without sacrificing the user experience. 

Extensive coverage and accuracy

Prove Verified Users℠ leverages the Prove Identity Network that provides a higher coverage and accuracy in identity resolution.

Informed decision making

Necessary data, deterministic risk-signals, and checks to empower to make well-informed decisions across the customer journey.

Cross-channel adaptability

Deliver a streamlined and consistent onboarding experience. Prove supports authenticated digital identities across mobile browser, app, desktop, and tablet.

Industries we serve


Easily verify buyers and sellers at any touchpoint to stop fraudsters and establish a safe, trustworthy community of users willing to engage and transact.

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Gig Platforms

Prioritize trust and safety with seamless verification checks that help ensure gig workers and users are credible. Embolden users to engage with confidence.

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Streamline checkout and accelerate account opening while mitigating financial fraud with comprehensive verification checks across the consumer journey, without added friction.

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Online Gaming

Keep gaming ecosystems fun and safe for all players with stronger frictionless verification. Protect against account takeovers while improving the overall player experience.

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Rely on frictionless identity checks to prevent unauthorized account access, safeguard funds, block scammers and ensure a safe and reliable user experience.

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