Rodger Desai Header
Rodger Desai
chief executive officer & founder
Scott Bonnell Headshot
Scott Bonnell
chief revenue officer
Amanda Fennell Headshot
Amanda Fennell
chief information security officer
Brad Rosenfeld Headshot
Brad Rosenfeld
chief marketing officer
Catherine Porter Headshot
Catherine Porter
chief business officer
Mitch Bompey Headshot
Mitch Bompey
chief legal officer
Michael Lynch Headshot
Michael Lynch
chief strategy officer
Timothy Brown Headshot
Timothy Brown
global identity officer
Michele O'Shaughnessy Headshot
Michele O'Shaughnessy
SVP, north american sales
Dimitre Boyukliev Headshot
Dimitre Boyukliev
chief of staff

Board of Directors

Rodger Desai Header
Rodger Desai
chief executive officer & founder
Gill Cogan Headshot
Gill Cogan
Co-founder, Opus Capital
Zach Fuchs Heashot
Zach Fuchs
Apax Digital
Dan O'Keefe Headshot
Dan O'Keefe
Chief Innovation Officer, State of CT
Kevin Talbot Headshot
Kevin Talbot
Co-founder, Relay Ventures
John Woods Headshot
John Woods
CFO, Citizens Bank
Steve Sassaman Headshot
Steve Sassaman
Charles Svirk Headshot
Charles Svirk
MassMutual Ventures


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