Prove Pre-Fill® for Business

Create frictionless and simple
onboarding experiences

Delight users with a streamlined experience without sacrificing security. Prove Pre-Fill® for Business effectively associates an individual applicant to a business entity and speeds up onboarding with minimal inputs.

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Trusted by 1,000+ companies globally

Onboard more businesses, faster

Remove friction for business onboarding by replacing multiple manual input fields with easy onboarding and individual applicant validation in just three inputs.

Onboard more businesses, faster
Make informed decisions with customized workflows

Make informed decisions with customized workflows

Every business has different needs. Benefit from our recommended API configuration for optimal pass rates or tailor it based on your business requirements and input and output needs.

Trusted onboarding that keeps fraudsters out

Our mobile-centric approach ensures an elevated level of assurance that begins with connecting an individual applicant to a business entity that prevents fraudsters from impersonating legitimate businesses.

Our fraudsters prevention measures:
Dynamic checks

Authenticate a mobile device by matching it to the assigned phone number with real-time, passive checks that connect the individual applicant to a business entity.

Real-time verification

Easily verify business entities, EIN/TIN, documents, and more for informed decision-making.


Identity expertise

With hundreds of clients across multiple industries we determined a standardized configuration that optimizes pass rates while minimizing fraud.

Informed decision making

Necessary data, risk-signals, and checks to empower and fully equip you in making well-informed decisions during the onboarding process.

Extensive coverage

Leverage the Prove Identity Network to boost individual coverage
and accuracy that helps ensure consumer identity confidence.

Cross-channel adaptability

Deliver a streamlined and consistent onboarding experience. Prove supports authenticated digital identities across mobile browser, app, desktop and tablet.

"We've integrated Prove Pre-Fill® and it's a phenomenal solution that drives real results. It not only increases the completion rate and helps you increase sales, but it really does all the fraud work in the background, so it doesn't impact the customer experience, and we saw a significant decrease in the fraud rate. We've had amazing results."

Senior Vice President

Digital Credit & Authentication, Synchrony

“Prove's solution saved our call center. We implemented it proactively before we began seeing this surge, and we are so glad that we did. It has enabled us to increase our number match rate and cut down significantly on call wait times. It has very clearly made a difference for us!”

Call Center Authentication Executive

Major US Bank

“Fraud prevention professionals are often challenged with the level of friction that their risk controls inject into the end-to-end customer life cycle. Prove’s Pre-Fill® solution is well-positioned to address these challenges with its ability to both authenticate individuals and markedly reduce friction through its auto-fill capabilities.”

Jim Mortensen

Strategic Advisor, Datos Insights

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