Prove is the modern way of
proving identity.

Our Mission and Values

Prove delivers digital trust, providing businesses the confidence to do more. Our global proprietary Prove Identity Network™ streamlines customer acquisition and frictionless servicing.

Prove is purpose-built for a mobile-centric world modernizing the way consumers prove who they are with ease, accuracy, and privacy – allowing businesses to focus on revenue, service, and economic empowerment.

In order to grow,
the digital economy needs trust.

But you've seen the news—digital trust is under daily assault. Hackers, nation-state attacks, international fraud rings, deep fakes, and automated bots all undermine the ability of companies and consumers to trust one another online. Which is why we're hit with passwords, CAPTCHAs, and security questions when all we're trying to do is log into our accounts so that we can do everyday things like signing up for new services, sending money to a friend, or ordering a pizza.

Prove serves as mission-critical infrastructure by leveraging Phone-Centric Identity™ to secure the most risky aspects of digital life: banking, commerce, payments, gaming, insurance, and healthcare—as well as the not-as-risky stuff we mentioned above. Our solutions enable consumers and small businesses to transact with the trust, speed, ease, and privacy needed to keep the digital economy humming and growing.

Because of our unique technology and kickass people, we're one of the fastest-growing tech companies and our clients include 1,000+ enterprises and 500 financial institutions across the globe, including 8 of the top 10 US financial institutions. Read about our recent $100 million fundraise here and our latest acquisition here.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the digital economy can thrive to its full potential because every consumer and company can transact with trust.

Our Technology

Our Phone-Centric Identity™ platform helps 1000+ global companies accelerate revenue, mitigate fraud, and reduce OPEX. Our solutions and APIs have won numerous awards, and we hold over 200 identity authentication, identity verification, and fraud prevention patents.

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Our Culture

Provers are curious by nature and passionate about how technology can make the world a better place. Although we're growing rapidly, we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone who wants to contribute will have a seat at the table and a chance to be heard!

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