Streamline checkout, accelerate account openings and lower 3rd & 1st party fraud

Help customers transact faster while keeping fraud in check with a modern solution for verifying identity, billing and shipping information.


Faster onboarding‍


Less onboarding abandonment


Onboarding fraud reduction

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How Prove helps merchants

Reduce risk & fraud from transactions while improving customer experience

Without a fast and secure capture of billing/shipping info in checkout, sales are lost and fraud is experienced.


Prove Identity® augments risk-scoring processes with proprietary phone ownership signals, improving risk and fraud management while improving customer experience. Prove’s unique model of identity verification and authentication, “PRO” (Possession, Reputation, Ownership) augments risk scoring models.

Friction and fraud-free onboarding

Balancing a smooth customer onboarding experience with strong fraud controls often requires tradeoffs.


Prove Pre-Fill® streamlines customer onboarding, moves customers from guest checkout and reduces fraud by auto-filling forms with verified customer data.

Apply deterministic defense against inaccurate chargeback loss

Gaps in compelling evidence leave merchants with loss associated with customer bad behavior.


Prove Identity® provides proprietary ownership signals definitively showing ownership of a transaction, using Prove - a trusted partner of hundreds of card issuing banks.

Streamline account access and password resets

Customers expect frictionless digital experiences such account access and password resets. Merchants need to balance customer experience with managing risk and fraud to avoid losing sales to competitors.


Prove Auth®, Prove’s unified authentication solution minimizes customer friction for low and high risk transactions alike while keeping fraud at bay. Replace One Time Passwords (OTPs), go passwordless or add a seamless second authentication factor.

Ensure recurring billing, customer contact viability and TCPA compliance

Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is critical to avoid fines, but maintaining accurate phone numbers for customers is challenging. In fact, the average company only has valid and up to date numbers for 50% of its customers.


Prove Identity Manager℠ is a registry of tokenized customer identities that manages, adds, and updates customer phone numbers enabling greater accuracy, contactability and compliance with TCPA.

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A national furniture retailer needed to perform registration and initial credit checks for consumers prior to generating contract terms for their furniture rental service. Prove Auth was implemented for initial account generation, securely binding consumers to improve onboarding experience, reduce cart abandonment, and improve transaction security.

National Furniture Retailer