Onboarding & Commerce Enablement

Frictionless onboarding of consumers and businesses

Supercharge growth while blocking fraudsters. Onboard and verify more consumers and businesses with pre-populated and verified identity information.

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Pass Rate*

*Pass Rate is defined as the % of consumers who successfully completed the Prove Pre-Fill®end-to-end experience over the total number of consumers who initiated the process


Reduction in onboarding abandonment


Reduction in fraud relative to attack rate

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Green light and let in more good consumers, faster

Prove pre-populates identity information from trusted sources to accelerate onboarding and minimize form abandonment, without increasing fraud.

Customizable flows for better decisioning

Support business and regulatory requirements with our APIs and highly accurate identities from the Prove Identity Network® layer of identity intelligence.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Satisfy the three main components of KYC - Customer Identification Program (CIP), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and ongoing monitoring or enhanced due diligence (EDD) - in your onboarding workflow to enable compliance requirements and streamline your operations.

Screening for CIP and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Actively check against a robust set of global databases and watchlists, like OFAC SDN, UN Sanctions List, EU Financial Sanctions List, HMT, DFAT, AUSTRAC, and more.

Flexible APIs

Benefit from our recommended API configuration for optimal pass rates or tailor it based on your business requirements and input and output needs.

Onboard more businesses with confidence

Improve consumer interactions with access to up-to-date and accurate consumer profiles that ensure you are interacting with the right individuals. Boost both inbound and outbound efficiency by easily validating consumers on the other end.

Make informed decisions with customized workflows

Every business has different needs. Benefit from our recommended API configuration for optimal pass rates or tailor it based on your business requirements and input and output needs.

Trusted onboarding that keeps fraudsters out

Our mobile-centric approach ensures an elevated level of assurance that begins with connecting an individual applicant to a business entity that prevents fraudsters from impersonating legitimate businesses.

Dynamic checks

Authenticate a mobile device by matching it to the assigned phone number with real-time, passive checks that connect the individual applicant to a business entity.

Real-time verification

Easily validate business entities, EIN/TIN, documents, and more for informed decision-making.

Commerce enablement and onboarding without friction

Add strong, passive identity verification solutions into your onboarding flows, without adding additional friction points. Grow your customer base confidently and securely.

Onboard and verify customers up to 79% faster

Pre-populate application forms with verified identity information, reducing consumer friction and fraud. Optional KYC checks.

Confidently verify consumers

Verify consumers' identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed. Reduce friction and control fraud.


Identity expertise

With hundreds of clients across multiple industries, we created a standardized configuration that optimizes pass rates while minimizing fraud.

Extensive coverage

Leverage the Prove Identity Network®, Prove’s layer of identity intelligence, to boost individual coverage and accuracy that helps ensure consumer identity confidence.

Informed decision making

Pull in data, risk signals, and checks to empower and fully equip you to make well-informed decisions during the onboarding process.

Cross-channel adaptability

Deliver a streamlined and consistent onboarding experience. Prove supports authenticated digital identities across mobile browser, app, desktop and tablet.

Prove Case Studies

Become a success story

Major Card Issuer ‍Frictionless Fraud Reduction

Prior to Prove, Tier 1 Issuer’s customers had to manually enter all personal data during card applications which added process friction and led to high abandonment rates. Tier 1 Issuer wanted a solution that would allow customers to have a seamless application and servicing experience while decreasing abandonment rates and stopping bad actors.

Estimated Incremental Revenue
Increase in authentication-driven application revenue
Fraud rate reduction
Global Financial Services Solving Sign-up Abandonment

This leading firm struggled with balancing a smooth sign-up process while ensuring critical identity verification and onboarding checks. They wanted to find a solution that could improve their onboarding process abandonment rates while ensuring that they were still compliant with consumer due diligence and regulations.

Reduction in customer drop-off during registration
Success rate in instantly verifying a user’s identity
Faster onboarding
Leading Healthcare System Streamlined Patient Experience

Leading Healthcare System wanted to improve the registration process for their ‘digital front door’, specifically their virtual ID proofing process. The current patient experience was arduous given all the data entry required.

Pass Rate* increase
* Percent of registrations not needing human intervention
Of patients opted into Pre-Filling account creations

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