Trust & Safety

Elevate trust and safety without friction

Protect users and who they interact with by embedding seamless identity verification checks at any point in the user journey.

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Boost trust and drive engagement

Create a trusted platform with frictionless identity validation. Embed seamless identity checks at any point in the customer journey to safeguard the integrity of user transactions and fuel higher engagement.

Stop fraudsters and protect users

Block bad actors from exploiting PII at onboarding and asserting stolen credentials for account takeovers. Safeguard your platform and strengthen trust, with minimal user friction.

Increase safety with customizable approach

Determine which identity information to collect and embed checks where it makes sense depending on the level of assurance needed.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Build and maintain a foundation of trust with Prove identity verification solutions

Robust set of global screened lists

Establish and maintain user integrity

Seamlessly verify users using only a phone number at onboarding and ongoing events with the Prove Verified Users℠ solution to continuously protect users. Leverage the Prove Identity Network® assurance levels to boost identity coverage and accuracy.

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Frictionless authentication

Protect against account opening fraud and reduce social engineering risk with the Prove Auth® solution. Reduce reliance on OTPs and passwords, which are vulnerable to fraud, create friction, and are costly.

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Robust set of global screened lists

Real-time risk signals

Confidently measure phone number reputation and behavioral risk with Prove’s Trust Score® API to mitigate transactional fraud by detecting vectors such as SIM swaps and account takeovers.

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Phone ownership checks

Confirm real user identities are linked to a specific phone number with the Identity Verify℠ solution, rooting out bots and bad actors. Additionally, satisfy the three main components of Know Your Customer and actively check against a robust set of global databases and watchlists.

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Industries we serve


Easily verify buyers and sellers at any touchpoint to stop fraudsters and establish a safe, trustworthy community of users willing to engage and transact.

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Gig Platforms

Prioritize trust and safety with seamless verification checks that help ensure gig workers and users are credible. Embolden users to engage with confidence.

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Streamline checkout and accelerate account opening while mitigating financial fraud with comprehensive verification checks across the consumer journey, without added friction.

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Online Gaming

Keep gaming ecosystems fun and safe for all players with stronger frictionless verification. Protect against account takeovers while improving the overall player experience.

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Rely on frictionless identity checks to prevent unauthorized account access, safeguard funds, block scammers and ensure a safe and reliable user experience.

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