Onboard and verify new crypto customers up to 79% faster

Perform seamless identity and KYC checks while securing customer digital wallets and transactions.


Faster onboarding‍


Less onboarding abandonment


Onboarding fraud reduction

The world's best crypto companies trust Prove

How Prove helps crypto companies

Frictionless onboarding with optional KYC checks

Balancing a smooth customer onboarding experience with strong fraud controls often requires trade-offs. To attract new customers, banks need a streamlined solution that puts customers first.


Prove Pre-Fill® streamlines customer onboarding while reducing fraud (mitigating bad actors) by auto-filling applications with verified customer data. Allow your new users to have greater access from Day 1.

Protect trading activity and wallets

Not your keys, not your coins. Currently, Crypto Traders are taught to take crypto off exchanges for security which impacts exchanges’ liquidity and revenue.


Prove Identity® verifies Traders upon registration and across each transaction with proprietary fraud signals that prevent Account Takeover and other fraud vectors in real time.

Omnichannel identity management to secure high-risk transactions

Crypto Traders have to go through hoops as they transact (account access & recovery, password changes, customer support, clearing large trades, etc.) that negatively impact customer experience.


Prove Identity Manager℠ maintains a customer’s identity throughout their lifecycle, regardless of device and channel changes. This provides Crypto Exchanges with anonymized customer identity tokens that can replace cumbersome processes such as Doc Scan and Proof-of-Address Verification.

Passive and active authenticators to protect against unauthorized access

Customers expect a frictionless world where account access is instant. Crypto Exchanges need to balance customer experience with risk management and ease of authentication.


Prove Auth® offers a suite of passive and active authenticators to adapt to any customer’s authentication scenario across low-to-high risk events.

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“At Binance.US, our goal is to democratize access to digital asset ownership and facilitate simple and safe participation in cryptocurrency markets for all Americans. We selected Prove to help us achieve this goal after a rigorous evaluation and proof-of-concept test demonstrating Prove’s pass rates and ability to deliver seamless customer experiences.”

Brian Reisbeck

Chief Compliance Officer, Binance.US