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Reinvent onboarding and convert online sports betting customers instantly

Help customers onboard instantly by auto-filling application forms with verified customer data.


Faster onboarding‍


Less onboarding abandonment


Match rate

The world's best online gaming companies trust Prove

How Prove helps sports betting & iGaming companies

Up to 79% faster, frictionless consumer onboarding

Sports Betting and iGaming platforms often suffer from high onboarding abandonment rates.


Prove Pre-Fill® increases onboarding completion rates and reduces fraud by auto-filling forms with verified customer data.

Reduce risk & fraud while improving customer transaction experiences

Regulations complicate customer experiences, and companies are trying to balance policy adherence and risk/fraud management while also providing a streamlined customer experience.


Prove Identity® augments risk-scoring processes with proprietary phone ownership signals, improving risk & fraud management while decreasing customer process hoops.

Prevent fraud with intelligent identity management

iGaming and online sports betting companies often struggle with managing customer identities, leaving them vulnerable to incentive fraud, identity theft, and customer contactability issues.


Prove Identity Manager℠ is a registry of tokenized customer identities that enables companies to recognize & authenticate customer identities across multiple use cases and channels while reducing fraud and increasing contactability.

Stronger frictionless authentication to protect against unauthorized access

Customers and service providers expect a frictionless world where account access is streamlined and instant. Online gaming companies need to balance customer experience with managing risk & fraud and identity authentication.


Prove Auth® offers a suite of passive and active authenticators to adapt to any customer’s authentication scenario across low-to-high-risk events.

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“We’re committed to providing customers with a seamless and secure sports betting experience, and our partnership with Prove is a testament to that safe bet. Prove Pre-Fill® adds an extra layer of security, reduces sign-up abandonment, and improves the overall user experience by streamlining the identity verification and authentication processes. Users can now enjoy the BetMGM sports betting and casino experience faster and with greater peace of mind.”

Adam Greenblatt