Accelerate new account openings and streamline transactions

Help customers onboard and transact faster – all while keeping fraud in check with a modern identity verification and authentication solution.


Faster onboarding‍


Less onboarding abandonment


Increase in auto-approvals

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How Prove helps banks

Frictionless onboarding with optional KYC checks

Balancing a smooth customer onboarding experience with strong fraud controls often requires trade-offs. To attract new customers, banks need a streamlined solution that puts customers first.


Prove Pre-Fill® streamlines customer onboarding while reducing fraud (mitigating bad actors) by auto-filling applications with verified customer data. Allow your new users to have greater access from Day 1.

Reduce risk & fraud from high-risk transactions

Regulations complicate customer experiences, and companies are trying to balance policy adherence and risk/fraud management with also providing a streamlined customer experience.


Prove Identity® verifies customers upon registration and across each transaction with real-time, proprietary risk & fraud signals that prevent Account Takeover and other fraud vectors in real time. Optimize risk & fraud management while improving customer experience.

Enable TCPA and Safe Harbor compliance with intelligent phone number management

Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is critical to avoid fines but maintaining accurate customer phone numbers is challenging. On average, companies only have valid and up-to-date numbers for 50% of their customers.


Prove Identity Manager℠ is a registry of tokenized customer identities that manages, adds, and updates customer phone numbers enabling greater accuracy and contactability, and providing assistance in complying with TCPA.

Streamline account access and password resets

Customers expect frictionless digital experiences, such as account access and password resets. Banks need to balance customer experience with managing risk and fraud.


Prove Auth® offers a suite of passive and active authenticators to adapt to almost any customer’s authentication scenario across low-to-high risk events, minimizing customer friction while keeping fraud at bay. Replace One-Time Passcodes (OTPs), go passwordless, or add a seamless second authentication factor.

Augment risk scoring models with proprietary telephony signals

Fraudsters constantly test methods to defeat anti-fraud measures like account takeover and SIM swap attacks. Many risk models fall short in their ability to accurately confirm mobile device possession at the time of the transaction and/or report real-time Reputation scores.


Prove Identity℠ and Prove Auth®, “PRO” (Possession, Reputation, Ownership) augments risk scoring models. With Prove, device Possession is confirmed at the time of both registration and subsequent access to mobile banking services, and Reputation (“Trust Score”) is measured in real time based on billions of signals from authoritative, making it a powerful proxy for digital identity and trust.

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“Prove's solution saved our call center. We implemented it proactively before we began seeing this surge, and we are so glad that we did. It has enabled us to increase our number match rate and cut down significantly on call wait times. It has very clearly made a difference for us!”

Call Center Authentication Executive

Tier 1 North American Bank