Acquire more marketplace customers while reducing fraud

Help customers onboard and transact faster – all while keeping fraud in check with a modern identity verification and authentication solution. 


Faster onboarding‍


Less onboarding abandonment


Onboarding fraud reduction

The world's best companies trust Prove

How Prove helps marketplaces

Frictionless onboarding with optional KYC checks

Balancing a smooth customer onboarding experience with strong fraud controls often requires trade-offs.


Prove Identity® augments risk-scoring processes with proprietary phone ownership signals, helping Marketplaces screen identities of new customers and service providers.

Reduce risk & fraud while improving customer and service provider account experience

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are increasingly becoming fraud targets, and account security is critical (securing both customers and service providers).


Prove Identity® augments platform integrity and risk-scoring processes with proprietary phone ownership signals, improving risk & fraud management, mitigating account takeovers, fraudulent transactions, and other fraud vectors.

Stronger frictionless authentication to protect against unauthorized access

Customers and service providers expect a frictionless world where account access is streamlined and instant. Marketplaces need to balance customer experience with managing risk & fraud and identity authentication.


Prove Auth® offers a suite of passive and active authenticators to adapt to any customer’s authentication scenario across low-to-high-risk events.

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“Prove’s solutions will significantly simplify the enrollment processes for millions of Zelle P2P users, while adding another layer of non-intrusive protection behind-the-scenes for Zelle. Prove brings together data from across the mobile ecosystem – networks, devices, users – to help us assess enrollment and transaction risk almost instantly. This helps us balance the requirements for speed and security in the faster payments space.”

Eric Woodward

Former President, Risk Solutions, Zelle/Early Warning


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