Consumer Engagement & Servicing

Establish ongoing trust with every interaction

Stay in the know with accurate, real-time identity management that enhances trust across the customer journey.

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End-to-end consumer identity management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your consumers across their entire journey, including phone number, device, and lifecycle changes. Prove’s real-time registry of tokenized identities helps validate and engage with the correct consumers.

Better consumer engagement

Improve consumer interactions with access to up-to-date and accurate consumer profiles that ensure you are interacting with the right individuals. Boost both inbound and outbound efficiency by easily validating consumers on the other end.

Confidently adhere to regulations

Safeguard against TCPA fines by avoiding outbound calls to the wrong numbers—bridge compliance and privacy seamlessly with our trusted solution.


Single source of validated identities

Enroll identities in Prove Identity Manager℠ to establish ongoing, up-to-date connections between the consumer and their phone number(s) based on a trusted registry of real-time unique identity attributes.

Comprehensive line type identification

Mitigate fraud by utilizing data signals to deterministically identify high-risk line types and carriers to flag and prevent them from receiving SMS messages. 

Consumer intelligence

Discover the most up-to-date phone numbers for a continuous consumer view with minimal friction that validates consumers in real-time. 

Real-time contact compliance

Ensure every outreach is TCPA compliant with Prove’s Contact Compliance with Safe Harbor. Avoid excessive fines when outbound calling with real-time subscriber updates.

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