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Strong and frictionless authentication

Enable active, passive, or passwordless authentication experiences for consumers at login and for high risk transactions.

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Seamless authentication on any device, anywhere

Provide consumers with easy, strong and fast authentication right from their mobile device. Enable authentication across any channel: mobile web, app, desktop. Strengthen and streamline login and high risk transactions e.g.: account/profile changes, adding authorized users, adding payment credentials etc.

Robust set of global screened lists

Reduce reliance on OTPs and passwords

Passwords and OTPs are vulnerable to fraud, create friction, and are costly. Prove’s MFA offerings enable companies to reduce reliance on OTPs and passwords and associated costs eliminating the shortfalls of legacy MFA methods.

Mitigate account takeover fraud

By removing OTPs from the authentication process, Prove reduces social engineering and Account Takeover risk.

Prove provides full suite of multi-factor authentication options

Prove Auth®
  • Frictionless and passwordless login for customers via app, mobile web, or desktop using cryptographic keys on the mobile device. Enables consumers to configure their device-managed biometrics (such as fingerprint or facial biometrics) without OTPs or Passwords.
  • Protects against account open fraud and reduces social engineering risk since there are no OTPs to steal. Detects jailbroken devices and SIM swaps.
Mobile Auth℠
  • Passively authenticates the device phone number via mobile network signals for any use case without friction, allowing businesses to seamlessly authenticate active SIM cards. Passwordless experience enables consumers to only enter username/mobile number, removing the friction of passwords and OTPs.
  • Reduces social engineering risk since there are no OTPs to steal. Enables device intelligence to determine if a device is jailbroken and SIM swaps.
Instant Link℠
  • Actively authenticates a mobile device by having the user click a URL link delivered via SMS and fortifies the SMS OTP process with additional device attributes, including the underlying Mobile Auth technology.
  • Requires simple click on secure link to confirm a consumer is in possession of mobile device.
  • Fortifies OTPs and confirms device possession, mitigating SMS forwarding / social engineering
SMS Delivery
  • Configurable second-factor authentication service that delivers SMS OTPs.
  • Globally accepted authentication means and ubiquitous experience, requires a consumer to request, receive and input OTP.
  • Unlike other SMS providers, can optionally detect & reduce SIM Swap & Phone Port fraud. Reduces Account Takeover risk relative to single-factor password authentication.

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