Drive more sign-ups by auto-filling forms with authenticated identity data.

Accelerate revenue while mitigating fraud across mobile, desktop, tablet, contact center, and in-store channels.

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1,000+ companies and 500+ banks trust Prove to secure their onboarding, digital servicing, call center, e-commerce, payments and compliance experiences.

Supercharge application velocity and mitigate identity fraud

Prove Pre-fill™ leverages Phone-Centric Identity™ to deliver authenticated digital identities and verified data for onboarding.

  • Auto-fills online applications with bank-grade data from authoritative sources
  • Authenticates consumer identities to thwart account opening fraud such as synthetic identity fraud
  • Consumers benefit from a faster, easier & more secure sign-up process, and information is only auto-filled with their consent

Prove Pre-fill™ drove $1 billion in new sales for a major US credit card issuer

A tier 1 US card issuer wanted to boost their pass rates for immediate decisioning of digital card applications. Prove Pre-fill™ delivered a 15% boost in successful sign-ups, which drove $1 billion in additional sales resulting in $200 million in annual revenue.

Fewer keystrokes
More completed sign-ups
Of consumers said "Yes" to auto-filling
Fraudsters were all included in the 7%
who chose "No thanks"

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Authoritative Data

Powered by Prove's Phone Identity Network™


Leverages the PRO Model™ of Identity Authentication & Verification


Built-in passive fraud controls for SIM swaps, burner phones, synthetic identities, and lost/stolen phones


High accuracy: No known errors for phone to name


Integrated waterfall to AAMVA DMV for KYC


Available for mobile, desktop/tablet, SMS, and contact center


Doesn't impact the customer experience AND we saw a significant decrease in fraud rate

“We've integrated Prove Pre-fill™, and it's a phenomenal solution that drives real results. It not only increases the completion rate and helps you increase sales, but it really does all the fraud work in the background, so it doesn't impact the customer experience, AND we saw a significant decrease in the fraud rate. We've had amazing results.”

SVP, Digital Credit & Authentication
Major US Credit Card Issuer

Prove Pre-fill™ leverages Prove's PRO Model™ of identity verification & authentication

3 unique checks that make identity fraud expensive and unscalable for fraudsters


John is physically holding
the phone

Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption, allowing Prove to authenticate Possession


The phone number has 10 years of real-time behavior

Phone numbers have Reputation, allowing Prove to access risk
in real time


The phone number is owned and operated by John

99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via Ownership

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