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Upgrading to true MFA

As fraud continues to increase, developing a multi-factor authentication (MFA) flow is critical. With so many products on the marketplace, however, knowing where to begin can be difficult and overwhelming. In this comprehensive but accessible buyer's guide, we explain everything you need to know to protect your company and prevent fraud, including the pros and cons of OTPs, an explainer on FIDO, a list of the many types of MFA authenticators, and much more.

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[Prove’s] solutions will significantly simplify the enrollment processes for millions of Zelle P2P users, while adding another layer of non-intrusive protection behind-the-scenes for Zelle. [Prove] brings together data from across the mobile ecosystem – networks, devices, users – to help us assess enrollment and transaction risk almost instantly. This helps us balance the requirements for speed and security in the faster payments space.
Eric Woodward
Former President, Risk Solutions @Zelle/Early Warning Services
"It is our goal to help our clients continuously improve and secure their customer's onboarding experience. We do this through integrating best-in-class data sources that improve those workflows. Prove's [solutions] exemplify that."
Brian Bender
VP Strategic Alliances @Aite-Novarica Group
"We've integrated Prove Pre-Fill®, and it's a phenomenal solution that drives real results. It not only increases the completion rate and helps you increase sales, but it really does all the fraud work in the background, so it doesn't impact the customer experience, AND we saw a significant decrease in the fraud rate. We've had amazing results."
Major US Credit Card Issuer
SVP, Digital Credit & Authentication
“Fraud prevention professionals are often challenged with the level of friction that their risk controls inject into the end-to-end customer life cycle. Prove’s Pre-Fill® solution is well-positioned to address these challenges with its ability to both authenticate individuals and markedly reduce friction through its auto-fill capabilities.”
Jim Mortensen
Strategic Advisor  @Aite-Novarica Group

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