Prove Identity Manager

Optimize Consumer Servicing and Contactability

A real-time registry of phone identity tokens that helps clients manage their consumers’ phone numbers, devices, and other identity attributes through lifecycle changes.

Phone numbers are the modern way to identify consumers & businesses

But most firms lack robust phone number management systems

of Fortune 100 companies ask for phone number as a primary consumer identifier

Average percentage of verified and up-to-date phone numbers that a company has for its consumers

However, maintaining accurate consumer contact info is challenging


Phone numbers recycled annually to new consumers


New phones activated annually


Phones lost annually

Consumer servicing
done right.

Prove Identity Manager™ enables firms to service and engage consumers more efficiently.

Prove actively monitors and alerts on common consumer contact changes that hinder efficiency and result in poor consumer experiences:

  • Phone Number Changes
  • Disconnects
  • Line Type Changes
  • Carrier Changes
  • Phone Line Ports
Streamlined consumer contactability with Prove Identity Manger™

Prove Identity Manager™ helps companies:


  • Accuracy of phone numbers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • High-risk approvals
  • Login/OTP pass rates
  • P2P/Money movement throughput


  • Call center handle time
  • Fraud rates
  • Point solutions
  • Total cost of ownership


85%+ Pass Rate

Percentage of frictionless actions (not requiring human service agent)

Improved Contactability

Enabled by Billions of Real-Time updates to identity attributes such as phone numbers and emails


with OPEX savings and vendor consolidation


1B+ Identity Tokens

The most accurate consumer digital identities

Identities Persist Through Phone Lifecycle Events

Reducing the need for consumers to re-enroll when they get new phones, change numbers, carriers, etc

Self-Learning Identity Tokens

Power assurance levels and trust scores, to provide highly accurate contact data

Prove Pre-Fill® leverages Prove's PRO Model™ of identity verification & authentication

3 unique checks that make identity fraud expensive and unscalable for fraudsters:


John is physically holding
the phone

Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption, allowing Prove to authenticate Possession.


The phone number has 10 years of real-time behavior

Phone numbers have Reputation, allowing Prove to assess risk
in real time.


The phone number is owned and operated by John

99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via Ownership.

Learn More About PRO & Phone-Centric Identity™

“Prove's Identity Manager technology can significantly enhance our ability to engage more members, leading to better outcomes.”

Farah Madhat, pharmd, MA
EVP  @Medwise healthcare division of TRHC

“We sent 40,000 [stale records] to Prove. We were able to get almost 90% of those matched up with accurate phone information.”

Kevin Boesen
Chief Sales Officer  @TRHC
"Prove's solution saved our call center. We implemented it proactively before we began seeing this surge, and we are so glad that we did. It has enabled us to increase our number match rate and cut down significantly on call wait times. It has very clearly made a difference for us!"
Major US Bank

Case Studies

Leading Financial Services Firm Flexible consumer servicing

Leading Financial Services sought to keep consumer contact information updated and fluid across their three portfolios (private label credit cards, consumer bank, and retail bank), digital servicing arm, and call centers. Their existing process relied on manual efforts which led to data errors, time and labor expense, and consumer contactability issues.

Estimated OPEX Savings due to servicing automation
Phone Numbers managed

Tabula Rasa HealthCare Effective patient contacting

Tabula Rasa Healthcare (THRC) sought to more effectively connect with hard-to-reach patients.

Missing or outdated phone numbers and contact information is a common problem with today’s healthcare records, with many health plans seeing up to 50% of phone numbers with missing or incorrect information. For companies like TRHC, which receive patient data from health plan clients and then communicate with patients via telephone, these inaccuracies and deficiencies can be barriers to the timely provision of services.

Records examined with missing or inaccurate data
of records corrected using Prove Identity Manager
Increase in patient engagement

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