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New Product Announcement

An easier way to verify and onboard new businesses

Onboarding new businesses is manual, costly and can take days. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Prove is launching a new product to automate small business account opening and verification to quickly onboard good business customers and supercharge growth.

Here’s how it works:

Effectively connect and individual applicant to a business entity

Speed up onboarding with minimal inputs

Easily verify business entities, EIN/TIN, documents and more

Elevate the caliber of KYC and KYB checks to reduce risk

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Rapid business verification

Remove friction for business onboarding by replacing multiple manual input fields with easy onboarding and verification in just a few clicks.

Increased trust and safety

Don’t leave KYC and KYB procedures to chance. Ensure proper checks are completed initially and on an ongoing basis for higher assurance of trustworthy customers.


Every business has different requirements. Customize onboarding to your parameters using real-time risk signals.

A powerful end-to-end solution for
KYC and KYB needs

Businesses trust Prove as the leader of mobile-centric consumer identity verification. Now, Prove leverages our proprietary technology to transform business onboarding and verification.

Financial Institutions

Automate KYC and KYB procedures to verify businesses and the identity of their individual owners to help stay in compliance and mitigate risks associated with their business activities.

NeoBanks and Fintechs

Modernize a traditionally complex business onboarding experience with an automated KYC and KYB process that matches the speed at which the industry moves.


Ensure only verified businesses participate in the marketplace, helping to increase overall trust for participating consumers and sellers transacting on the marketplace.

Business Services

Accurate and real-time business information is vital for directories. One-time business verification at onboarding and subsequent ongoing monitoring ensures information is current and legitimate.

1,000+ companies, including 9 out of 10
top banks trust Prove

Frequently asked questions

When can we expect the Prove business solutions to launch?

We’re hard at work building features that meet your needs. We expect to launch Prove Pre-Fill® for Business and Business Verify in 2023 with a fast follow for KYB in 2024. If you filled out your contact information above, you can expect to receive more information as we get closer to launch.

What is business verification and KYB?

Verifying a business ensures you have a relationship with a valid business with an EIN number. Know Your Business (KYB) takes it a step further by verifying a business entity and assessing additional risks unique to business relationships. This can include validating the business registration, understanding the nature of the business, confirming the identity of controlling parties, and conducting due diligence on financial stability, reputation and compliance with regulations.

What is the difference between KYC and KYB?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a procedure for verifying an individual consumer identity, whereas KYB procedures relate to building trusted relationships with the corporate customer. In many jurisdictions, KYB procedures are mandated by anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations, which may also overlap with KYC procedures.

Why should a business implement KYB procedures?

Implementing KYB practices can reduce risk exposure by verifying that a corporate customer is financially stable and legally compliant. It also helps companies meet regulatory requirements that may protect against potential fines or legal action. Finally, it enhances the company’s reputation and demonstrates its commitment to compliance and ethical business practices. 

What is the INFORM Consumers Act?

The INFORM Consumers Act is a new law that was passed to govern online marketplaces with the goal of adding more transparency to online transactions. Under the Act, online marketplaces must collect and verify certain financial and identifying information, including contact information, bank account information and Tax ID number, from sellers within 10 business days of passing the "high-volume third party seller" threshold.

How is Prove different from other vendors?

Prove is the industry leader in mobile-centric consumer identification and verification. Leveraging our 15+ years of consumer identity technology, we are capable of establishing a connection between the consumer and their business. This leads to a distinctive feature of Prove’s approach where we do not need to ask the business owner who they are or what business they own. This means the applicant cannot misrepresent their identity or business affiliation. Critically, one cannot claim ownership of another person's business without having the actual owner's phone during the transaction. This unique verification approach guarantees a heightened level of assurance and sets a new standard for KYC and KYB checks, while simultaneously simplifying the onboarding process.