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Prove Pre-Fill®

Up to 79% faster consumer onboarding

Pre-populate application forms with verified identity information, reducing consumer friction and fraud. Optional KYC checks.

Fast, Easy, Secure Digital Onboarding with Prove Pre-Fill®

Supercharge Omnichannel Onboarding & Verification

Prove Pre-Fill leverages Phone-Centric Identity™ to deliver authenticated digital identities and verified data for onboarding.

  • Mobile & App
  • Desktop
  • Contact Center
  • Chat
  • QR Code

Optional KYC Checks

Highly accurate identities from our Prove Identity Network (PIN) are checked against all major global sanctions and PEP screens for comprehensive AML/KYC compliance.


  • Reduce OPEX and avoid duplicate checks for transactions that don't have hits

  • 95%+ Match Rates for reduced false positives

  • Single KYC/Onboarding solution enables vendor consolidation

  • Global Coverage and 14 Languages supported

Robust set of global screened lists

  2. US Consolidated Sanctions List
  3. UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)
  5. UN Sanctions List
  6. OSFI (Canada)
  7. DFAT
  8. EU Financial Sanctions List
  9. Plus all major PEP & Sanctions source lists


Up to 90%+

Pass Rate*


Reduction in onboarding abandonment


Reduction in fraud relative to attack rate

*Pass Rate is defined as the % of consumers who successfully completed the Pre-Fill end-to-end
experience over the total number of consumers who initiated the process.


Bad actors self-select out

(<0.03% fraud with Prove Pre-Fill)

Prevents six most prevalent fraud vectors

Including: Synthetic Identity and True Name Fraud

Trust Score measures real-time behavioral risk

all while maintaining identity reputation history

Prove Pre-Fill® leverages Prove's PRO Model™ of identity verification & authentication

Possession graphic
Holding Phone illustration
John is physically holding the phone

Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption, allowing Prove to authenticate Possession.

Reputation graphic
Cog Clock icon
The phone number has 10 years of real-time behavior

Phone numbers have Reputation, allowing Prove to assess risk
in real time.

Ownership graphic
Person check icon
The phone number is owned and operated by John

99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via Ownership.

"We've integrated Prove Pre-Fill®, and it's a phenomenal solution that drives real results. It not only increases the completion rate and helps you increase sales, but it really does all the fraud work in the background, so it doesn't impact the customer experience, AND we saw a significant decrease in the fraud rate. We've had amazing results."
Senior vice President
Digital credit & authentication  @Synchrony
“Fraud prevention professionals are often challenged with the level of friction that their risk controls inject into the end-to-end customer life cycle. Prove’s Pre-Fill® solution is well-positioned to address these challenges with its ability to both authenticate individuals and markedly reduce friction through its auto-fill capabilities.”
Jim Mortensen
Strategic Advisor  @Aite-Novarica Group

Case Studies

Leading Healthcare System
Streamlined Patient Experience

Leading Healthcare System wanted to improve the registration process for their ‘digital front door’ (i.e. patient portal, health plan member portal, and other digital properties used by the large health system), specifically their virtual ID proofing process. The current patient experience was arduous given all the data entry required.

Pass Rate* increase
* Percent of registrations not needing human intervention
Of patients opted into Pre-Filling account creations

Major Card Issuer
Frictionless Fraud Reduction

Prior to Prove, Tier 1 Issuer’s customers had to manually enter all personal data during card applications which added process friction and led to high abandonment rates. Tier 1 Issuer wanted a solution that would allow customers to have a seamless application and servicing experience while decreasing abandonment rates and stopping bad actors.

Estimated Incremental Revenue
Increase in authentication-driven application revenue
Fraud rate reduction

Global Financial Services
Solving Sign-up Abandonment

This leading firm struggled with balancing a smooth sign-up process while ensuring critical identity verification and onboarding checks. They wanted to find a solution that could improve their onboarding process abandonment rates while ensuring that they were still compliant with consumer due diligence and regulations.

Success rate in instantly verifying a user’s identity
Reduction in customer drop-off during registration
Faster onboarding

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