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Prove Trust Score+

Frictionlessly Stop Account Takeovers

Distinguish reputable consumers from fraudsters and stop account takeover attacks from eroding your customers’ trust and eating up your bottom line

The world’s best companies trust Prove

Real Problem, Fake Identities

Account Takeover Attacks hit 22% of US Adults and represented nearly $288 Billion in fraud


of US Adults were hit by Account Takeover attacks in 2022


and counting in annual Account Takeover-related fraud losses

What is an Account Takeover?

An account takeover occurs when “a malicious third party successfully gains access to a user’s account credentials. By posing as the real user, cybercriminals can change account details, send out phishing emails, steal financial information or sensitive data, or use any stolen information to access further accounts within the organization.” The root problem lies with reliance on One-Time-Passcodes (OTPs) which are simple to deploy but have critical downsides – fraud vulnerability, consumer friction, and cost.

Common Types

SIM Swap Hackers use stolen PINs to SIM swap a victim’s phone without their knowledge or consent.

Call Forwarding Scam Fraudsters steal OTPs  using the call forwarding setting.

Device Swap A fraudster inserts a stolen SIM card into a new phone, enters the stolen PIN , and steals the OTPs to access the victim’s accounts.

Confidently verify consumers’ identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed graphic image

Trust Score+™

Trust Score+ leverages phone number signals from the core telephony infrastructure, proprietary data sources, and Prove’s 15+ years of phone data to identify risks based on the history of that phone number while pulling in Mobile Network Operator (MNO)/carrier data to track risky phone number behavior in real-time during high-risk events (e.g., money movement, password changes, phone number updates, etc.) to detect account takeover risk,  identify device theft, unauthorized SIM swaps and ports, and more.

Trust Score+’s Key ATO trust indicators:

SIM Swaps

Ports & Velocity Checks

Mobile Phone Tenure/Reputation

Line Type (e.g., VoIPs)

Ports & Velocity Checks

Call-Forwarding Enabled


Silently assesses risk, minimizing customer friction and identifies when to ask the customer for additional verification

Real-time Processing

Trust Score™ is returned to the client just milliseconds after the request

Proprietary Analytics

Evaluates risks by assessing possession, reputation, and ownership "PRO" of phone number

We can Prove it

Leverage Prove's PRO Model™ of identity verification & authentication

Holding Phone illustration
Possession graphic
John is physically holding the phone

Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption, allowing Prove to authenticate Possession.

Cog Clock icon
Reputation graphic
The phone number has 10 years of real-time behavior

Phone numbers have Reputation, allowing Prove to assess risk
in real time.

Person check icon
Ownership graphic
The phone number is owned and operated by John

99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via Ownership.

Frictionlessly Stop Account Takeovers

Protect your business and customers against evolving fraud threats with a more robust solution.