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Prove Pre-Fill Solution Demo Webinar

Many companies spend millions of dollars to attract consumers to their website only to lose the majority of them due to poor conversion rates during the onboarding process. In fact, 60% of consumers would abandon account opening if identity verification takes longer than 40 seconds.

Ready to see how Prove Pre-Fill can create a faster and more convenient onboarding experience for consumers and businesses?

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
1:30 PM ET

Online via Zoom

Join Jennifer Chang, Senior Product Marketing Manager and James Jaworski, Senior Product Manager at Prove for a live interactive demo webinar where they will guide you through key features and benefits of Prove Pre-Fill. In this 20-minute webinar, Jen and James will show you how Prove can: 

  • Expedite digital onboarding process and reduce consumer friction by pre-populating a form with verified information tied to a phone number
  • Can lower onboarding abandonment rates by making your consumer’s experience faster (in many cases, as fast as 10 seconds) and easier 
  • Maximizes pass rates while minimizing fraud, authenticating the consumer without delayed fulfillment or manual human intervention.