Adrienne Slaughter

Staff Research & Development Engineer

passwordless authentication
Passkeys Improve the Customer Experience, But Passwordless Authentication Provides Greater Identity Verification Accuracy

Unlike traditional methods where personal information may be part of the authentication process, the passkey remains distinctly focused on validating possession of a cryptographic key or biometric data, and not on an actual device.

Adrienne Slaughter
January 24, 2024
passkeys adoption
Developer Blogs
The Road to Adoption: A Product and Strategy Perspective

A successful adoption of passkeys requires considering the larger product to ensure a smooth user experience as well as a secure design.

Adrienne Slaughter
January 16, 2024
Passkey adoption
Developer Blogs
The Road to Passkey Adoption: A Developer’s Perspective

This article focuses on some technical aspects of implementing a passkey authentication mechanism.

Adrienne Slaughter
January 12, 2024
passkeys replacing passwords
Developer Blogs
What Are Passkeys and How Can They Securely Replace Passwords?

In this article, we’ll introduce the technology behind passkeys, so you can start taking advantage of them. In future articles, we’ll go into more technical depth on implementing passkeys in your organization.‍

Adrienne Slaughter
December 26, 2023
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