Andrea Rufino

Andrea Rufino

Andrea Rufino is a professional passionate about cybersecurity, technology, and regulation. Throughout her twenty-year career, she was manager of Ti da Varig, the largest airline in Brazil; she worked in the biggest advertising companies in Brazil; and helped bring multiple international companies to Brazil including Amazon Prime, Emailage, and Feedzai. Additionally, Andrea worked at Deutsche Bank and LexisNexis Risk Solution. Passionate about cybersecurity and marketing, she cofounded  FraudDay, the biggest fraud event in Brazil. She is passionate about Brazil and the country's efforts to tackle fraud.

Women Innovators in Tech
Continuing the Long Legacy of Women Innovators in Tech

From the early days of computing to the present, women have been instrumental in driving innovation and progress.

Andrea Rufino
March 8, 2024
Brazil Mobile Time
Company News
Prove's Innovative Digital Identity Solutions Spotlighted in Brazil’s Mobile Time

In a recent article on Mobile Time, a respected Brazilian publication, Prove was featured in a comprehensive article, highlighting the company's strategic approach and impact on Brazil's evolving digital identity landscape.

Andrea Rufino
January 10, 2024
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