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Leandro Margulis

VP of Product

Leandro is the VP of Product Experience at Prove. He leads the team responsible for the tools that allow customers and developers to experience Prove's products: Orchestration, Self-Serve, Self-Discovery and Developer Platforms at Prove; responsible for Go-To-Market Strategy, messaging, positioning, pricing, voice of the customer and voice of the market for this suite of products. Leandro is an entrepreneurial leader with strong Business Development experience; effective sales and marketing skills used to launch new products and business operations; excellent communication and leadership skills. Leandro sits at the intersection between business and product, thinking creatively about product and partnerships to fulfill the customer's use case. Leandro is the customer's advocate internally and the company's advocate externally. Emphatic and creative leader. He is a Yale MBA and former Big 4 management consultant. Latest accomplishments include: • Top Business Development performer closing deals from $2 million to $14 million • Speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, California • Contributing author to the "Developer Marketing + Relations : The Essential Guide" Published by SlashData. Wrote the chapter on "Building an Inclusive Developer Community" • Being part of the acquisition negotiations of UnifyID by Prove, and successful post acquisition integration afterwards.

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