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9 Supply Chain Finance Companies in the US

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January 31, 2022
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January 31, 2022
9 Supply Chain Finance Companies in the US

Concerns surrounding risk and liquidity management have driven the demand for financial supply chain management solutions. Supply chain finance aims to improve the financial efficiency of the supply chain and substantially reduce the working capital of both buyers and suppliers. It allows buyers to extend payment terms while providing suppliers access to better financing rates. It creates a true win-win situation for the buyer as well as for the supplier. We bring to you a list of companies in the US which aim in providing supply chain financing solutions to emerging SMBs and mid-sized companies.

1. PrimeRevenue

PrimeRevenue recognizes that supply chain finance is much more than just math and that there is no one-size fits all approach. Its cloud-based platform delivers programs designed specifically for a business, throughout a supply chain whether it’s a buyer or supplier. From traditional supply chain finance programs that will unlock millions in working capital, to dynamic discounting programs, to solutions for mid-tier suppliers, PrimeRevenue is all about supply chain finance.

PrimeRevenue caters to both sides of the liquidity equation with solutions that go beyond traditional banking tactics. From its multi-funder program, side-by-side support to ensure successful implementations, and highest level of security, PrimeRevenue delivers the Plan, Partner and Protect integral to a successful program. Last year, the firm processed more than $100 billion in working capital.

9 Supply Chain Finance Companies in the US

2. Demica

Demica’s innovative supply chain finance solutions enable its clients to extend days payable outstanding, capture early payment discounts offered by suppliers or help their suppliers secure funding at a lower cost, all while improving their own margins. The company specializes in non-investment grade programs and those that operate cross-border. With the company’s uniquely flexible technology platform and innovative structures, it is able to provide a tailored solution to each client that will maximize the return from the program.


3. Taulia

Some of the features and benefits offered by the company are:

– The company offers early payment discounts to your entire supply chain, using your cash or third-party cash.

– Extend payment terms while still providing suppliers with access to cash

– Strengthen supplier relationships


The company offers dynamic discounting by turning the invoices into revenue opportunities and increasing the supplier liquidity by automating early payments on 100% of the invoices. One of the company’s products, Supply Chain Finance Plus is a flexible financing solution that allows you to fund early payments to your entire supply chain without using your own cash.

4. Orbian

Orbian’s innovative, six-sigma approach to SCF delivers significant benefits to the clients.

Orbian was conceived and developed in the late 1990s as a joint venture between global leaders in financial services and enterprise software. Orbian became an independent, private company when its current owners purchased the company in 2003.

In 2004, Orbian launched its universal funding structure that, combined with the company's state of the art SCF technology platform, allows Orbian to offer comprehensive SCF solutions and services to its large corporate clients globally. The universal funding structure allows Orbian to offer programs with virtually unlimited funding capacity while mitigating the funding and operational risks inherent in all other SCF offerings.

5. Ariba

Ariba, an SAP company, has been ranked among the world’s best supply chain finance providers. Ariba offers a comprehensive range of cloud-based solutions that enable companies to optimize their working capital management and strengthen their financial supply chain. Delivered via Ariba Network, the solutions leverage the intelligence and connectivity of the Ariba Network to fuel a more collaborative procure-to-pay process that delivers unprecedented business outcomes. With Ariba Discount Professional, buyers can accelerate payment to key suppliers of approved invoices in return for discounts, earning an immediate return on their cash. Sellers gain increased visibility into future cash flows, certainty in payment timing and the ability to use cash sooner to fund daily business needs.

6. Invoiceware International

Invoiceware International provides compliance solutions that help companies optimize cash flow processes by offering a supply chain finance platform. Invoiceware’s financial compliance platform proactively combines government regulations and the power of the cloud to deliver value-added opportunities to both suppliers and buyers across the region. Invoiceware’s supply chain financing solution lowers the cost of payment processing for buyers while providing suppliers greater access to liquidity

7. C2FO

C2FO creates transparency and eliminates risk. It brings buyers and their suppliers together in a live marketplace without intermediaries to find a real-time rate for cash flow.

8. GT Nexus

GT Nexus’ Supply Chain Finance helps buyers and suppliers free up working capital, reduce risk, and automate order and invoice payment. Buyers take advantage of early payment discounts, suppliers speed up receivables, and all financial transactions take place automatically on a cloud-based network. In the face of complicated global supply chains with many partners and financial institutions, Supply Chain Finance provides visibility into transactions for everyone on the platform. The various components of the product provided by the company are early payment program, export financing and payment protection. The key features of the components are:

– Early payment (invoice discounting)

– Pre/post-exporting financing

The pay-based pricing model lets cash flow freely between companies at the unique rate that works for everyone. The features of the solution provided by the company are: high satisfaction, industry-leading support and easy to use.


9. Traxpay

Traxpay integrates directly into existing financial workflows and corporate processes, making them more powerful and connected. Clients can bring financial services, data flows and supply chain interactions into one consolidated view. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Traxpay was founded in 2009 and has an R&D office in Cologne, Germany.

Traxpay says that it provides real-time, 24/7 transactions and trusted trade. It seeks to make settlements fast and simple by connecting full, rich data with each payment. Traxpay targets the market segment through two different editions of its product:

– Traxpay B2B Payments Professional Edition (for small to mid-sized companies) and

– Traxpay B2B Payments Enterprise Edition (for large mid-sized and global organizations)

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