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Bill Payments & Billing Solutions in the US for Institutional and Consumer Use

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July 2, 2021
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July 2, 2021
Bill Payments & Billing Solutions in the US for Institutional and Consumer Use

As paper-based processes are becoming a matter of obsolescence, bill payments and billing software and apps are rapidly taking over. The result is an opportunity for users to take control over their bills and for organizations to implement seamless, cost-efficient billing systems to improve the cash flow and payments collection process. Here are some of the bill payments and billing solutions for businesses and consumers in the US to take advantage of sophisticated software for enhanced operations and better personal budgeting:

Bill Payments & Billing Solutions in the US for Institutional and Consumer Use

Allied Payment Network Inc. offers online bill payment services to financial institutions (banks, credit unions), as well as directly to consumers. The company aims to deliver simple and accurate bill pay services and introduce these benefits to institutions in a cost-friendly manner to help promote bill pay adoption.

Alligato’s Billflex is a secure, scalable billing, rating, customer & revenue management platform for telecom and cable service providers. Regardless of the complexity of the service, companies can easily manage billing, accept secure payments, and track key metrics.

Aria's billing and active monetization platform helps enterprises modernize their revenue operations with a better way to manage offers, customer accounts, billing, and financial processes. With Aria, enterprises get to market with a wider variety of products and services, retaining more customers and maximizing lifetime value.

BillGO provides a mobile-based bill payment app that enables users to pay and manage any bills, including rent, utilities, cable, phone, insurance. It also notifies them of upcoming bill payments, eliminating late fees, etc.

Billmatrix by Fiserv provides electronic bill payment solutions and services over the internet and telephone for consumer finance, healthcare, insurance, mortgage, telecom, and utilities industries.

Diamond Mind is the provider of campus-wide payment services and solutions to independent schools.

Doxo is a digital file cabinet used to organize and manage all important accounts together in one secure place. The solution allows organizing bills, documents, account details, account numbers, logins, passwords, customer support info, and notes from the companies of personal choice. It allows users to securely receive documents and pay bills to providers connected on Doxo.

Kill Bill is a platform for subscription billing and payments integration. It is an open-source architecture that allows customers to easily apply custom logic and integrate with third-party systems.

Mobetize Smart SolutionssmartBill allows subscribers to make all their bill payments from one place to over 14,000 bill providers—city taxes, utilities, car payments, etc. Users can choose between regular or express payments. They can also cancel bill payments after submission.

MoneyStream is a financial management service that uses predictive technology to forecast household finances. MoneyStream aggregates banking, bill pay, record keeping, payment scheduling, and cash flow management into a single online service and displays it via a visual cognitive calendar, and informs consumers on how much money will be in their bank account every day, up to a year ahead, by analyzing spending patterns.

Noventis provides a bill payment processing platform for financial institutions, processors, and aggregators to deliver electronic payments between their base of businesses and consumers. It offers expedited bill payment processing, walk-in payment, prepaid debit card, cash bill pay, and prepaid wireless refill solutions.

Paydici helps small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of "utility-grade" billing infrastructure off the shelf by tying together a diverse set of banking technology, electronic payments, mail and remittance processing, accounting, and software endpoints into one hosted service. The company aims to help its customers effortlessly send bills and collect money to provide greater UX to the end user.

PayLease is a provider of online payments, resident billing, and utility expense management tools for HOAs and property management companies. Its solutions simplify the workflow for property managers, increase NOI and enhance the way they connect with residents. With PayLease, residents are able to pay their property manager using an E-check or with a credit card.

PayNearMe enables consumers to pay with cash for rent, utilities, online purchases and more, in less than 60 seconds at nearly 28,000 locations. Payment history and receipts are stored in the app, and users can set reminders for next time.

Payveris features a single digital payments platform that facilitates electronic bill pay, Account-to-account (A2A), and person-to-person (P2P) money movement services.

Prism is a PFM app that allows users to track upcoming bill amounts and due dates; pay bills anytime, anywhere—directly from the app. Payments are processed within minutes, and users can check their bank account balances, receive notifications when the bill arrives, when it’s due and when it’s paid.

Regalii Inc. is a platform that banks and financial institutions (B2B API) use to allow their consumers to manage their families’ bills anywhere in the world.

Simplee software platform is a patient engagement solution unifying hospital and physician estimates, statements, payments, and credit.

Striata provides strategy, software, and professional services that enable digital communication across multiple channels and devices. Striata’s technology and services allow clients to encrypt, send & store confidential documents, execute integrated marketing campaigns, and distribute high-volume electronic communications. Striata has operations in New York, London, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Sydney and partners in North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Transactis provides a configurable, white-label SaaS solution enabling businesses of all sizes to replace paper bills, statements, invoices, payments, and documents with

more efficient digital alternatives.

Xpress Bill Pay has developed a web-based online bill payment system that makes it easy for organizations (large and small) to offer online bill payment to their customers—allowing them to pay their bills online with credit cards, debit cards, or electronic fund transfers.Listed companies do not comprise an exhaustive overview.

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