Bloomberg, PYMNTS and Other Outlets Cover New Prove and Visa Partnership to Make Customer Onboarding 79% Faster While Enhancing Security

Bloomberg, PYMNTS, Retail Banker, and others covered the recent news of Prove’s new partnership with Visa to accelerate customer onboarding while mitigating onboarding fraud. The partnership gives Visa clients access to Prove’s Pre-Fill identity verification solution, which lets customers opt into pre-filling registration forms, accelerating onboarding by up to 79% and enhancing security:

“Today’s consumers expect signing up for a new account to take just seconds — any slower than that, and many abandon. We’re delighted to be partnering with Visa to put powerful technology into the hands of more merchants and their customers. Our vision is to extend these capabilities into more consumer experiences to add trust to the digital economy.”

Read the articles below to learn how this new partnership will help merchants and other brands grow their loyalty membership quickly and securely: 

Prove’s digital identity solutions are powered by the world’s largest network of reusable identities and are used by 1,000+ fintech, banking, healthcare, retail, gaming, and crypto companies. 8 of the top 10 banks in the United States use Prove’s solutions.

Visa and Prove are accepting merchants ready to improve their loyalty account onboarding experience today. To learn more, visit

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