New York Passes Child Data Protection Act to Protect Kids Mental Health and Online Privacy

Mary Ann Miller
June 27, 2024

As the world becomes more digital, it also becomes more anonymous. While some level of anonymity has its place, it can also facilitate malicious activities such as cyberbullying, identity theft, and the spread of misinformation. Without accountability, individuals may engage in harmful behaviors that jeopardize the safety and trust of digital environments.

Recently, the New York State Assembly passed important legislation aimed at protecting young people from the harmful effects of online activity. With the passage of the SAFE for Kids Act and the New York Child Data Protection Act, the state of New York is demonstrating leadership in safeguarding children’s mental health and online privacy. These bills empower parents to protect their children from predatory practices that harm mental health by removing addictive personalized feeds. Additionally, they ensure online privacy is the default for New York's children, preventing companies from collecting and using their data.

This new legislation underscores the urgent need for robust digital protections, especially for vulnerable populations like children. The SAFE for Kids Act mandates comprehensive measures to protect children from online harm, while the New York Child Data Protection Act focuses on securing children’s personal data against misuse and exploitation.

While these measures are aimed at a specific population, they are guided by a spirit of protection and privacy, which are both core to the human experience. At Prove, we believe that individuals should be able to operate safely in digital environments. Our innovative product development aims to deliver on that goal. With greater emphasis on eliminating risk and establishing and maintaining trust, we are working with leading brands and a variety of governmental agencies to rid the online world of the harmful effects of bad actors. 

Prove emphasizes trust and safety through solutions such as Prove Verified UsersSM, which leverages phone number validation to seamlessly verify identities at every step of the user journey. Prove ensures that legitimate users are swiftly authenticated, while potential threats – in the form of bad actors and harmful actions – are effectively identified and blocked.

The Prove Verified Users solution is designed to enhance trust and safety by embedding seamless identity verification checks at critical touchpoints, such as onboarding, transaction authorizations, and password recoveries. This approach aligns with the intended outcomes outlined in the recent New York legislation, aiming to create a safer digital landscape for all users.

Creating a Safe, Trusted Digital Environment

Embedded into the measures enacted by the New York State Assembly are the same goals that all high-value brands and organizations want to deliver. These are the use cases we have integrated into the Prove Verified UsersSM solution, and by delivering on these, we want all organizations to have the opportunity to deliver a safer environment for their users. These include:

Know the Good User Like a Friend Introduced Them

We feel safe with friends. Shouldn’t we want the same dynamic with our customers? By validating users through their phone numbers, businesses can establish a level of trust akin to a personal introduction. This ensures that genuine users are recognized and welcomed, fostering a positive user experience.

Identify Bad Actors with Confidence

Prove’s advanced algorithms and carrier data help identify and block fraudulent users, providing robust protection against bad actors. This proactive approach ensures that businesses can confidently differentiate between legitimate users and potential threats.

Increase/Protect Reputation and Brand Trust

Seamless phone number validation maintains a smooth user experience while enhancing security, protecting and boosting the company's reputation and customer trust.

Make the User Experience Safe, Positive, and Easy

Ensuring that users are verified quickly and efficiently fosters a secure environment, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Reduce Threats

By effectively validating users, companies can reduce the risk of scams, chargebacks, counterfeits, and social engineering attacks.

Err on the Side of Protection

Implementing proactive phone number validation allows companies to prevent fraudulent activities before they occur, rather than just reacting to them after the fact.

Commit to a Safer Digital World

Prove’s commitment to trust and safety, supported by innovative technology and aligned with progressive legislation like the SAFE for Kids Act and the New York Child Data Protection Act, ensures that individuals can navigate the digital world securely. By leveraging Prove’s advanced phone number validation, businesses can protect their users, foster trust, and maintain a positive and safe user experience.

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