Prove CEO Rodger Desai on Entrepreneur | Here are 3 Life-Changing Lessons I've Learned From Pivoting

What is the sunk cost fallacy and how is it influencing your decisions? Too often, entrepreneurs allow distorted perceptions to prevent them from making necessary pivots. If you are struggling to decide whether you should make a pivot or stay the course, either in business or personal life,  I hope my reflection can serve as a guidepost. Best of luck! 

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Prove’s Brad Rosenfeld Explains the New Customer Onboarding Process on Fast Company

No longer confined to top-of-funnel engagement and brand awareness, CMOs are now leading efforts to shape the entire customer experience journey.

Kaushal Ls
June 6, 2024
PYMNTS TV: Prove CEO Rodger Desai Explains Need for Phone-Based Approach to Authentication

Prove’s CEO Rodger Desai was featured recently on PYMNTS TV, where he met with PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster to discuss trends and shifts in the identity verification market.

Kaushal Ls
June 4, 2024
Prove’s Tim Brown Explains How to Reduce Fraud and Improve Onboarding with Identity Verification

Reporters from GreenSheet, a popular publication that highlights trends in the banking, financial services, and fintech markets, recently met with Prove’s Global Identity Officer, Tim Brown to learn how advanced identity verification solutions are driving faster and better digital customer onboarding.

Kaushal Ls
May 21, 2024