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How a global insurance company improved security posture while reducing call center times by 14%

Goal : Improve customer experience;
streamline call center authentication;
Fraud mitigation

Industry:  Insurance


The company relied on cumbersome knowledge-based authentication (“KBA”) Q&A for its call center authentication and needed to modernize its approach in order to improve customer experience, reduce caller authentication times, and increase security.


After implementing Prove, the company achieved a successful passive authentication step-up experience, which removed the need for up to three KBA questions, resulting in an average of 60 seconds time savings for each call center session.


Reduction in average call center handle time


Increase in successful registrations

A major global insurance company (“Global Insurance Company A” or “GICA”) was seeking to modernize its call center authentication processes to improve its customer experience, reduce call center handle times, and improve the overall security posture of its call centers. GICA also wanted to enhance identity proofing during its onboarding processes by reducing reliance on cumbersome KBA questions. GICA originally started out using a different vendor for onboarding phone ownership verification but eventually approached Prove after not achieving the desired results with the initial vendor. Prove was able to deliver for GICA.

“Our passive authentication solution uses Identity Manager™ and Trust Score® from Prove. Passive authentication happens in the IVR without any effort from our customers or call center employees. The successful passive authentication step-up removes the need for 2 to 3 knowledge-based authentication questions. This has resulted in 1-minute savings in Average Handle Time”

Senior Information Security Engineer, GICA

A better experience for both employees and customers

The authentication solution not only created a better customer experience, but it also greatly improved the experience for GICA customer-facing employees. A senior financial counselor said, “The customer experience is better simply because they don’t have to go through a gauntlet of questions on each call. As an employee, knowing the call is secure while asking fewer questions projects my confidence onto the customer, which improves their overall experience with us.”

Minimizing human intervention in the onboarding process

GICA also saw a significant reduction in customers calling in for help with their onboarding process when using One-Time-Passcodes (“OTPs”) to verify the identity of the customer. This was achieved using a roster of accurate phone numbers verified using Prove Identity Manager™ to reach the right customers. Over 95% of customers eligible to leverage OTP authentication were successful in onboarding, compared to only 60% of customers who used the traditional KBA process.