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When it comes to digital identity verification, phone numbers are one of the most important means of identification. An individual can have multiple user names and email addresses and multiple people can be associated with the same mailing address. However, a phone number tied to a personal device is associated with a single person, and for this reason, phone numbers are often used to verify a person's identity online.

Many companies use SMS OTPs (One Time Passwords) to verify that a user is in possession of their phone during account opening, login, or transactions. The service or app will text one-time code to a user’s phone and instruct them to enter the code within a predetermined window of time. However, there are security and user experience challenges associated with SMS OTPs, including:

  • Open to Fraud: They can be easily intercepted by bad actors through social engineering and lead to Account Takeover.

  • Too Much Friction: Having to request, wait, receive, and then enter an SMS OTP within a specific time window leads to high consumer friction.

These issues are solved with Prove Mobile Auth Powered by Number Verify that is a way to passively and securely authenticate a user on mobile apps using just their mobile phone number linked to their SIM card—providing silent two-factor authentication without the need for an SMS OTP. It leverages cryptographic security provided by the SIM card in every mobile phone. It is powered by leading mobile network operators to ensure a seamless and secure customer experiences.

Prove offers Prove Mobile Auth powered by Number Verify, a one-tap authentication solution that’s simple, secure, and cost-effective.

Case Study:

NatWest uses Prove Mobile Auth Powered by Number Verify, to Deliver Secure Passwordless Authentication and a Superior User Experience


NatWest previously leveraged SMS OTP as a possession check for their mobile registration and re-enrollment processes. This created friction in the customer experience journey and resulted in drop-outs, as many customers reported that they initiated an SMS OTP authentication but never actually received the SMS code. In addition, multiple fraud issues were occurring in particular with fraudsters intercepting the OTPs through social engineering.


NatWest integrated the Prove Mobile Auth SDK within their mobile banking app, which enabled passwordless login and OTP-less authentication and integrated with the Prove Identity® platform to achieve a secure, frictionless experience for their registering customers

Proven Results

By authenticating customers with Prove Mobile Auth Powered by Number Verify, NatWest has been able to provide a secure and frictionless customer experience, and significantly reduce social engineering and account takeovers as there are no OTPs for fraudsters to steal.

“After deploying Prove Mobile Auth powered by Number Verify we’ve seen some great business benefits including significantly reduced fraud due to social engineering of one-time SMS passcodes as well as better conversion rates through an improved customer experience for customers registering and re-registering on our mobile banking app”

Chris Parker

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