Bill of Trust

Prove is dedicated to delivering trust to the digital experience. While we are focused on helping businesses thwart fraud and cyberattacks, we also believe that security does not have to mean sacrificing data privacy. Our mission is to accelerate the digital economy to a world that values security, privacy, and convenience equally.

Our Core Values:

1. Consumer Privacy: Consumers have the right to have their personal information protected and not be stored, aggregated, passed, shared, rented, or purchased.

2. Empowerment through Consent and Controls Limit Personal Information: Consumers have the right to limit the disclosure of their personal information to only situations where they have given their consent or unambiguous indication of agreement. Explicit consent should be used as often as possible, even in KYC/AML and Legitimate Interest cases. Transparency: Consumers have the right to have the collection and processing of personal information limited to a specific purpose directly related to user intent or regulatory requirements. Minimization: Consumers also have the right to have the collection of their personal information limited to only what is minimally required for the specified purpose. Personal information shall be used for no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose.

3. Inclusion for All: All consumers, without bias, have the right to be included, regardless if they are unbanked, underbanked, or have prepaid phones.

4. Scam-Free Interactions: Consumers have the right to know if the counterparty they are interacting with digitally is who they say they are, whether that is a business or an individual. Call-spoofing, robocalls, SIM swaps, and phone number account takeovers are eroding the trust consumers have in digital.

5. Self-Sovereignty: Consumers have the right to access, delete, manage, opt-out, and port their personal data and to know how it is used. We believe tools are necessary to allow consumers to be informed and manage these data privacy rights.

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