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Prove’s Identity Platform

Pinnacle delivers an unrivaled consumer experience by leveraging machine learning and cryptographic authentication.

Best in market accuracy
without compromise

Trillions of data signals

Pinnacle deploys machine learning techniques informed by human intelligence across our 15 years of transactions and 20+ billion annual authentication events


Pinnacle issues, maintains, and revokes tokenized identities called ProveIDs. ProveIDs enable convenience to sit alongside security, privacy, and control. No compromise

Deterministic accuracy

Each Prove ID provides a real-time measure of its identity Assurance Level and key Trust Score enabling up to a 20% relative increase on pass rates vs. Risk-Based Authentication

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Ensures consumer identity confidence

Prove issues a new ProveID only after a strong binding process, when a consumer first associates or 'binds' a new cryptographic key (e.g. smartphone) to themselves. Every ProveID has a real-time Assurance Level which indicates how closely it is tied to the cryptographic key. Commonly used cryptographic keys include those on SIM cards and FIDO keys.

Measures real-time reputational risk

Prove measures the real-time reputation of a key with a Trust Score™ which is based on the type of authenticator that was used to perform the transaction along with the history of events tied to the ProveID that was used to perform the transaction.

Enables higher accuracy vs. Risk-Based Authentication

Prove’s solutions are able to provide up to a 20% relative increase on pass rates while holding fraud rates steady when compared to Risk-Based Authentication solutions.

Drives lower friction and cost vs. document verification

Document verification provides greater accuracy than Risk-Based Authentication, but introduces greater friction, is costly, and can prevent verification of legitimate consumers that do not hold ID documents. Pinnacle’s cryptographic authentication model enables low friction, low cost, and high accuracy.

Pinnacle reimagines outcomes.

"With the help of Prove's cryptographic authentication model, Synchrony has achieved a substantial increase in approved accounts, through higher completion and approval rates, with only a fraction of the fraud, when compared to our legacy approach.

Importantly, Prove has contributed to a more streamlined customer experience, reduced fraud and provided a significant uplift in revenue."

Mylene Pedone,
SVP of Digital Credit & Authentication

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Prove solutions & APIs are powered by Pinnacle

Prove Pre-Fill®

Pre-populate application forms with verified identity information, reducing consumer friction and fraud. KYC included at no extra cost.

Prove Identity™

Verify consumers' identity with just their phone, no document scans or selfies needed. Reduce friction and control fraud.

Prove Auth™

Move beyond passwords and OTPs with a 1-tap authentication solution that's simple, secure, and more cost-effective than legacy authenticators. Frictionlessly authenticate from any channel.

Prove Identity Manager™

A real-time registry of phone identity tokens that helps clients manage their consumers’ phone numbers, devices, and other identity attributes through lifecycle changes.

Prove API Marketplace

Supercharge your identity verification, authentication, and fraud & risk processes. Our phone intelligence APIs can be purchased a la carte to power custom solutions and are also bundled in our packaged solutions.

Secure your customers’ digital lives

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