Identity Verification

Identity Verification for Gambling
Prove’s Tom Hill Provides Critical Identity Verification Considerations for Online Gambling Companies

Prove’s Tom Hill explains why creating an easy-to-use and engaging user experience will be critical for gaming organizations to rapidly onboard new customers.

Kaushal Ls
March 11, 2024
Reduce onboarding complexity
Prove’s Scott Bonnell & Experts Offer Prescriptions for Reducing Onboarding Complexity

Scott Bonnell, Prove’s Chief Revenue Officer, recently hosted a webinar with a panel of customer acquisition and fraud experts to discuss the critical use of identity verification methods to increase customer acquisition efforts.

Kaushal Ls
February 23, 2024
Prove Identity Target Data
Company News
Prove Identity Partners with TargetData to Continue Expansion into Brazil

The partnership between the digital identity leader and the Brazilian big data company will benefit Brazilian companies and consumers by enabling faster, easier, and more secure digital transactions.

February 22, 2024
Identity Orchestration
Identity Orchestration Unleashed: Two Fraud Experts Explain How to Elevate Fraud Defenses

Prove hosted a wide-ranging conversation about strengthening fraud efforts in a webinar with Mary Ann Miller (Prove’s Vice President of Client Experience) and Freddy Arthur (EMEA Fraud Strategy Leader for NICE Actimize).

Kelley Vallone
February 21, 2024
Onboarding Trust
Fintech Nexus Webinar Recap: 3 Strategies for Stronger Onboarding Trust

In a recent Fintech Nexus webinar, Prove’s SVP of Product, Pamela Novoa Ralli explored the best framework for trusted customer onboarding process in the financial services sector.

Kaushal Ls
February 15, 2024
romance scams
All Is Fair in Love and War, But We Can Fight Romance Scams

While the quest for love is truly one of the rich experiences of life, it has also become a prime channel for exploitation by fraudsters in the form of romance scams.

Mary Ann Miller
February 13, 2024
online gaming
The Super Bowl Illustrates the Need for Seamless & Secure Identity Verification in Online Gaming

The sophistication of fraudsters has reached unprecedented levels, posing a significant challenge to the online gaming industry.

Tom Hill
February 7, 2024
Brazil Mobile Time
Company News
Prove's Innovative Digital Identity Solutions Spotlighted in Brazil’s Mobile Time

In a recent article on Mobile Time, a respected Brazilian publication, Prove was featured in a comprehensive article, highlighting the company's strategic approach and impact on Brazil's evolving digital identity landscape.

Andrea Rufino
January 10, 2024
Prevent Fraud in 2024
Company News
Prove’s Mary Ann Miller Outlines Plan to Prevent Fraud in 2024

Mary Ann Miller provides an easy-to-use blueprint for those wishing to prevent fraud in the new year on VMblog.

January 5, 2024
money mules
Understanding Money Mules and How Identity Verification Can Stop Them

Money mules are people who, at someone else’s direction, receive and move money obtained from victims of fraud. Some money mules know that they have been recruited to assist in criminal activity.

Charlie Rowland
January 4, 2024
Prove Identity G2
Company News
Prove Celebrates a Spectacular Start to 2024 with Four New G2 Accolades

Prove is proud to announce that four new prestigious badges from G2: Easiest to Do Business With, Highest User Adoption, Best Support, and High Performer.

January 3, 2024
DDoS attacks
How Account Opening Monitoring Can Prevent DDoS Attacks

From disrupting online services to causing financial losses and tarnishing reputation, the aftermath of a successful DDoS attack can be severe. However, the implementation of robust identity verification measures plays a pivotal role in mitigating these risks.‍

Yuka Yoneda
December 27, 2023