John Greene

Vice President of Global Sales at Prove

John has been a technology executive for 15+ years, the past five years in digital identity. As Prove's Vice President of Marketplaces and Global Sales, John helps organizations develop their identity verification strategies, maximizing the value of their digital channel while creating trust. Before Prove, John was Head of Marketplaces, Gig Economy, and Big Tech at Mitek, a leader in identity verification. Before Mitek, John led North America and APAC businesses for Gracenote, working with digital media content providers, digital distributors, and device manufacturers across the globe.

Fraud prevention
Company News
Prove’s John Greene on Marketplace Risk Podcast | “The Importance of Phones When it Comes to Reducing Fraud and Optimizing Onboarding”

Listen to John Greene speak about the power of the phone-centric identity.

John Greene
February 18, 2022
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