Leandro Margulis: Did my 2022 Developer & Virtual Communities Predictions Come True?

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Leandro Margulis
July 24, 2023
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July 24, 2023
Leandro Margulis: Did my 2022 Developer & Virtual Communities Predictions Come True?Leandro Margulis: Did my 2022 Developer & Virtual Communities Predictions Come True?

At the end of 2021, I made some predictions for the Badasses in Tech podcast about how communities will develop and evolve in 2022. It’s common to see predictions during the end of the year but rare for anyone to circle back and see whether or not they came true.

We are now halfway through 2023, so I wanted to revisit these predictions and see how they fared so far:

Prediction #1: Developer communities based on common interests will continue to grow and flourish

Looking back, it’s clear that the pandemic helped form a number of virtual communities, allowing developers from around the world to connect with one another and discuss common interests. Over the past few years, these groups have flourished with the level of discourse increasing in quantity and improving in quality. Not only that, these communities continue to grow and flourish in 2023!

Prediction #2: The remote work transformation will make previously inaccessible job opportunities available to the global community

I am pleased to report that a growing number of companies are adjusting their hiring policies in order to access technical talent from around the world.  Because, during the pandemic, there was little difference between seeing someone on a video conference call whether the person was sitting in San Jose, California, or San Jose, Costa Rica, companies have warmed up to the concept of remote work This shift in perception has helped open opportunities and level the playing field for technical talent around the world. The positive economic impact of tech companies is no longer limited to Silicon Valley and a handful of global cities. 

Prediction #3: Digital Transformation has accelerated during the pandemic, so I expect the authentication market to grow

We have indeed seen companies accelerating their digital transformation by 6 to 10 years due to the pandemic. Every digital interaction is done by a user, and depending on the level of risk involved in that interaction, you may need to add security and authentication layers to that activity. This has been a great opportunity for Prove to provide frictionless onboarding and engagement experience so people can interact and transact safely across the internet and digital experiences. 


In the wake of the pandemic, it’s heartening to see these three optimistic predictions come to fruition. With isolation officially considered a public health crisis, forming a community with peers is critical which is why I am pleased to see developers prioritizing connection and conversation more than ever before. As we become an increasingly globalized world, we’re going to be working on a daily basis with people who live in different countries, speak other languages, and work in different ways. I’m proud that technology companies are embracing this international vision and hiring employees on the basis of their talents, not their hometown. Finally, the digital transformation we are experiencing now is just getting started! 

About Leandro

Leandro is the VP of Product Experience at Prove. He leads the team responsible for the tools that allow customers and developers to experience Prove's products: Orchestration, Self-Serve, Self-Discovery and Developer Platforms at Prove; responsible for Go-To-Market Strategy, messaging, positioning, pricing, voice of the customer and voice of the market for this suite of products.

Leandro is an entrepreneurial leader with strong Business Development experience; effective sales and marketing skills used to launch new products and business operations; excellent communication and leadership skills. Leandro sits at the intersection between business and product, thinking creatively about product and partnerships to fulfill the customer's use case. Leandro is the customer's advocate internally and the company's advocate externally. Emphatic and creative leader. He is a Yale MBA and former Big 4 management consultant. 

Latest accomplishments include:

• Top Business Development performer closing deals from $2 million to $14 million

• Speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, California

• Contributing author to the "Developer Marketing + Relations : The Essential Guide" Published by SlashData. Wrote the chapter on "Building an Inclusive Developer Community"

• Being part of the acquisition negotiations of UnifyID by Prove, and successful post acquisition integration afterwards.

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