Prove CEO Rodger Desai on FinextraTV: "Digital Transactions Should Be as Easy as Making a Phone Call"

Yuka Yoneda
October 27, 2022

Prove CEO Rodger Desai joined Hannah Wallace of FinextraTV at Money20/20 2022 to discuss how companies are striking the right balance between CX, security, and privacy using something nearly every consumer already has - a mobile phone.

"Companies want to do more business more quickly while respecting people's time and privacy but also solving for security. Covid really heightened that as more and more people went online. The challenge is creating that trust to make transactions easy, secure and private," explained Desai.

"There is already an existing proxy or example of where the world should go and that's just using your phone. You can take your phone anywhere in the world and it just works. It's secure, private and easy all at the same time," Desai continued. "We believe that all digital transactions should be as easy as making a phone call. We're pioneering that with technology that enables companies to be deterministic and accurate with the way we do authentication."

Desai also touched upon how digital identity technologies, such as cryptographic authentication, are furthering financial inclusion and enabling more consumers to participate in and access the digital economy. Prove and Experian recently announced a new partnership to advance global financial inclusion through advanced identity verification solutions.

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Interview responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.

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