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Prove's CISO & CIO Amanda Fennell Unveils Her 2024 Cybersecurity Predictions on VMBlog

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Kaushal LS
December 14, 2023
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December 14, 2023
Prove's CISO & CIO Amanda Fennell Unveils Her 2024 Cybersecurity Predictions on VMBlog

As we approach 2024, cybersecurity takes center stage, and Prove's very own Amanda Fennell, CISO and CIO shares her insights on how organizations can bolster security by prioritizing people.

Key takeaways:

Elevating Security Through IT Collaboration

    • Virtual work's impact calls for a proactive security reassessment.
    • Position IT as a strategic advisor by understanding department functions and vulnerabilities.

    Prioritizing People for Enhanced Security

      • A people-first approach ensures positive experiences for both customers and employees.
      • Streamlining processes, especially in digital identity security, is paramount.

      Addressing the Cyber Talent Gap in 2024

        • The cybersecurity workforce shortage is at a record high.
        • Fostering young talent and embracing change in recruitment are key solutions.

        As we step into 2024, discover the proactive measures and innovative approaches that will define the future of cybersecurity. Read Amanda's full insights on VMBlog for a comprehensive look at the strategies that will shape the security landscape in the coming year.

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