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The Super Bowl Illustrates the Need for Seamless & Secure Identity Verification in Online Gaming

The sophistication of fraudsters has reached unprecedented levels, posing a significant challenge to the online gaming industry.

Tom Hill
February 7, 2024
fraud prevention 2024
Get “Fraud Fit”: 6 Steps to Beating Fraud in 2024

You can fortify them against attacks by making them stronger and more nimble, but just like with your physical well-being, there’s no magic pill. It will require some work but with a sensible plan, the right support, and a goal-driven mindset, you can most certainly make your organization fraud fit in 2024.

Mary Ann Miller
January 31, 2024
2024 fraud predictions
Hope For the Best But Plan For the Worst: 2024 Fraud Predictions & How to Prepare

So for starters, let’s be clear – there’s a lot of fraud anticipated in 2024. Some of it will be performed in creative and complex ways.

Mary Ann Miller
January 17, 2024
passkeys adoption
Developer Blogs
The Road to Adoption: A Product and Strategy Perspective

A successful adoption of passkeys requires considering the larger product to ensure a smooth user experience as well as a secure design.

Adrienne Slaughter
January 16, 2024
cybersecurity predictions for 2024 VMBlog
Company News
Prove's CISO & CIO Amanda Fennell Unveils Her 2024 Cybersecurity Predictions on VMBlog

As we approach 2024, cybersecurity takes center stage, and Prove's very own Amanda Fennell, CISO and CIO shares her insights on how organizations can bolster security.

Kaushal Ls
December 14, 2023