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Prover Spotlight: Q&A with Bridget Elezovic, Senior Sales Director & Coach

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Bridget Elezovic
August 2, 2022
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August 2, 2022
Prover Spotlight: Q&A with Bridget Elezovic, Senior Sales Director & Coach

Meet Bridget Elezovic

Tell us about yourself.

I am a Senior Sales Director and Coach here at Prove. This means I carry my own quota and also work with a team to make sure they are supported and are enabled to be successful in their role as well. I currently live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida but we go back and forth between Chicago and Florida.

Fun facts about you - music, food, travel, interests, etc.?

A couple of fun facts about me:

  1. All things food! Cooking new recipes, going to new restaurants, traveling to try different cuisines, and working out to make I can keep eating all the food!
  2. Challenging myself physically. I have done a triathlon, running races, a Spartan Race, military workout programs, and more.
  3. Exploring, hiking, and traveling. I love to experience different cultures and just seeing different parts of the world. In the last fives years, I have been to Croatia, Montenegro, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Calgary/BANFF, Kelowna, and Maui. 
  4. A lot of my weekends are spent with my fiancé and our two dogs, Sophie the Great Pyrenees and Stella the Malamute.
  5. You can often find me searching for our next investment. Our latest was a townhome in PBG, FL.

These are our two special members of our family: Sophie (Great Pyrenees) & Stella (Malamute) 🐕🐕

Why did you decide to join Prove?

The product, people, and culture. I knew that if the environment at Prove mirrored my interview experience, I would love working for the company and the people.

Describe a day in the life at Prove.

The work-from-home culture is much of what you make of it. It definitely has its ups and downs but what I appreciate the most is everyone’s understanding of the fact that we’re all human. I love that when you look at calendars you now see parents are doing pick-ups and drop-offs at school that people block off 2 hours for a doctor’s appointment or are taking mental health days. I think these are things that people frowned upon before the work-from-home culture. A positive that I’ve taken from it is that we have the opportunity to work around our personal schedules.

Prioritizing some personal wellness with some great views.

What is the best thing about working at Prove?

Aside from the people and culture, I really appreciate the opportunity for career progression and the ability to get involved in areas outside of your job description. It’s clear that Prove recognizes hard work and results and will give you the opportunity to insert yourself in different areas that you may find interest in or have success in.

My personal example is the opportunity I had to become a team lead/coach after being here for 5 months. In my short time here, I feel like I’ve grown more in my career than I have in years at other companies.

Sometimes I joke that I should change my job title to ‘Customer Advocate’ because I spend so much of my time working to help them out and push forward their needs. It’s one of the best parts of my job! I love that I get to speak to different companies and people about everyday challenges they are experiencing and am a subject matter expert on how to solve those challenges. I’ve always felt like I am an entrepreneur at heart and being in sales, it gives me the opportunity to have my own business but leverage my skills and mighty tools (i.e., the products and people at Prove) to solve problems for my customers and build relationships with them.

Share what you like about Prove’s culture.

The typical sales culture is selfish and competitive. But we don’t have that at Prove. Our revenue organization couldn’t be more supportive of one another. Whether someone is on your direct team or not, everyone is always more than willing to help one another and that’s not something that you come by often.

At Prove, it feels like we encourage people to speak up. Whether it be about your opinion, feedback, challenges, or successes, we like to hear from one another. I think that is what allows everyone’s true colors to shine because we don’t ever tell anyone to sit down or hold back their feedback.

This is Aaron. My soon-to-be husband by the end of 2022 💍

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