Prover Spotlight: Q&A with Leonard Tann, Customer Success Manager

Leonard Tann
July 1, 2022

Meet Leonard Tann

Tell us about yourself.

So, at Prove, I work for the Revenue Team as a part of the Customer Success Management group.  I report to Kimberly Cafarelli and Allison Lemaster.  I currently work remotely out of the beautiful state of Arizona!  

My home state of Arizona 🏜

Work from home setup as a Customer Success Manager

Fun facts about you - music, food, travel, interests, etc.?

Fun facts! Okay, well, I’m a bit of a gamer, currently on rotation is Elden Ring. I also enjoy cooking – I’m looking forward to slowly getting back into baking again.  Musical tastes are a bit all over the place, but something I can dance to is always a hit and you can never go wrong with playing Missy Elliot while I’m around!

Why did you decide to join Prove?

I was with my previous company for ten years (!!!) so it felt like it was time for a change.  While I got to learn and experience so much at my previous company, moving felt like the right choice to make in order to continue to experience growth, both personal and professionally.

Describe a day in the life at Prove.

Well, working from home has been quite the adjustment, but I can’t imagine living any other way now.  My day usually starts with breakfast and a nice thirty minutes to myself; whether it’s reading a book, some light reflection, or listening to a podcast (I shared one of my favorites to listen to below), I like to give myself a little bit of free time before jumping into my day, either moving projects forward, meeting with my fellow team members to help with the management of our accounts, or helping to troubleshoot day to day issues that the customers in my portfolio might come across.

In my day to day, I have to say we have a really supportive team environment!  There is so much collaboration, it really is different from past work experiences.  It’s one of the best parts of working at Prove.

What is the best thing about working at Prove?

The Prove culture seems to really make space for everyone. Yes, we have a lot of positive energy, but we also seem to be very honest about what needs to be tackled to get us where we want to be. It’s exciting to be here in a moment of growth and change – it doesn’t seem like we’re willing to let tradition shackle us and are willing to try new things and approach things in a new way and be innovative.

How are you able to share your “spark” or be your authentic self at Prove?

This is an interesting question – I guess my spark gets to come through in how I get to talk with our customers. At my heart, I’m a people person and I think that’s where my strength really shines. I love connecting with others and I really appreciate that I get to do that here at Prove.

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