AIT SMS Traffic Fraud
Passwordless Authentication Can Reduce AIT SMS Traffic Fraud

Since the initial publication of the NCSC's SMS and telephone best practice guidance in January 2022, AIT fraud has surged.

Charlie Rowland
March 6, 2024
FIDO & Passkeys
Company News
Prove’s Tim Brown Explains the Essential Role of FIDO and Passkeys in Mitigating Deepfake Fraud

The rise of deepfake attacks has caused alarm across various industries, particularly in biometrics, as criminals increasingly exploit AI technology to perpetrate fraud.

Kaushal Ls
February 9, 2024
passwordless authentication
Passkeys Improve the Customer Experience, But Passwordless Authentication Provides Greater Identity Verification Accuracy

Unlike traditional methods where personal information may be part of the authentication process, the passkey remains distinctly focused on validating possession of a cryptographic key or biometric data, and not on an actual device.

Adrienne Slaughter
January 24, 2024