Phone Centric Identity

Prove Rodger Desai PYMNTS
PYMNTS TV: Prove CEO Rodger Desai Explains Need for Phone-Based Approach to Authentication

Prove’s CEO Rodger Desai was featured recently on PYMNTS TV, where he met with PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster to discuss trends and shifts in the identity verification market.

Kaushal Ls
June 4, 2024
What Is Phone-Centric Identity?

Phone-Centric Identity™, also known as Mobile Identity, Device Intelligence, or Phone Intelligence, refers to technology that leverages and analyzes mobile, telecom, and other signals for the purposes of identity verification, identity authentication, and fraud prevention.

Yuka Yoneda
November 21, 2023
Prove Identity's 2023 Online Shopping and AI-Based Fraud Report
2023 Online Shopping Report Shows 84% of Consumers Are Concerned About AI-Based Fraud This Holiday Season

Prove's 2023 Online Shopping and AI-Based Fraud Report sheds light on consumer attitudes towards online shopping and fraud, but interestingly also highlights a significant opportunity for retailers to potentially capture more account signups through advanced identity verification and frictionless onboarding.

Yuka Yoneda
November 14, 2023
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Developer Blogs
Leveraging Phone Numbers for Rock-Solid Identity Verification: A Technical Deep Dive

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Nicholas Dewald
September 13, 2023
Strengthen Your Identity Authentication Using Phone-Centric Identity – A Shield Against Identity Fraud

Identity theft continues to be the most common contributor to fraud globally, and it is rising since...

February 22, 2021