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30 Non-Financial Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021
30 Non-Financial Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

While financial use cases of blockchain technology are in the spotlight due to the significant interest of powerful parties (banks, investors, and even governments), non-financial use cases of DLT are of equally significant importance to a number of industries. Along with banks and FinTech startups, non-financial players have been paying attention and looking for ways to leverage the opportunities that DLT opens. Let’s look at some interesting examples of the applications of blockchain technology beyond financial services:

  1. Authorship and ownership: Bitproof, Blockai, Stampery, Verisart, Monegraph, OriginalMy, Crypto-Copyright, Proof of Existence, Ascribe,
  2. Birth and death certificates: Khanections, LLC
  3. Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS): Ethereum Blockchain as a Service by Microsoft Azure, Rubix by Deloitte, IBM Blockchain on Bluemix
  4. Compliance and security: Chainalysis, Third Key Solutions, Tradle, Vogogo, Elliptic, Coinalytics, Sig3, BlockSee,CryptoCorp, Blockverify
  5. Content management/distribution: Brave, Bittunes, PeerTracks, JAAK, Paperchain
  6. Data management: Factom
  7. Data integrity and security: PeerNova, Guardtime
  8. Decentralized social network: Datt, DECENT, Diaspora*, AKASHA, Synereo
  9. Diamonds: Everledger
  10. Digital identity, identification, and authentication: Keychain, 2WAY.IO, ShoCard, Guardtime, BlockVerify, HYPR, Onename, Civic, UniquID Wallet, Identifi, Evernym, BanQu, AID:Tech, SolidX
  11. Energy: Energy Blockchain Labs, Grid Singularity, TransActive Grid by LO3 Energy
  12. Enterprise-grade solutions and development platforms (infrastructure): XNotes Alliance, Tymlez, Symbiont, Sofocle, Pragmatic Coders, OTCXN, Openchain, Nuco, Monax, Libra Enterprise, Interbit, Credits, Colu, Ciphrex, ChromaWay, ChainThat, Chain Reactor, Chain, Bloq, BlockCypher, Blockchain Foundry, BigchainDB, Avalanchain, Applied Blockchain, AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform
  13. Esports: FirstBlood
  14. E-voting: Follow My Vote, Estonia’s e-Residency platform
  15. Gaming and gambling: Etheria, First Blood, Etheramid, FreeMyVunk, CoinPalace, Etheroll, Rollin, Ethereum Jackpot
  16. Government and organizational governance: BITNATION, Advocate, Borderless, Otonomos, BoardRoom, Colony
  17. Internet of Things (IoT): Databroker DAO, Chronicled, Filament, Chimera, Filament,
  18. Job market: Verbatm, Appii, Satoshi Talent, Coinality
  19. Land registry: The Dubai Land Department (DLD)
  20. Licensing:
  21. Media: Publiq
  22. Mining: Waves
  23. Network infrastructure: Ethereum, ChromaWay
  24. Open organization/business-related collaboration: Colony
  25. Operating system: BloqEnterprise by Bloq, BOLOS by Ledger, EOS by, DeOS by Razormind, GemOS by Gem, Vault OS by ThoughtMachine
  26. Real estate recording: UBITQUITY, Silvertown
  27. Reputation verification and ranking: The World Table (Open Reputation), ThanksCoin
  28. Ride-share: Arcade City, La ‘Zooz
  29. Supply chain management: Skuchain, Factom

Traceability of food products and supply chain audit: Provenance

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